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RUN: llvm-dwarfdump -v %p/Inputs/typeunit-header.elf-x86-64 | FileCheck %s
This is testing a bugfix where parsing the type unit header was not
taking the unit's intial length field into account when validating.
The input file is hand-coded assembler to generate a type unit stub,
which only contains a type unit DIE with a sole visibility attribute.
We make sure that llvm-dwarfdump is parsing the type unit header correctly
and displays it.
CHECK: .debug_types contents:
CHECK: 0x00000000: Type Unit: length = 0x00000019, format = DWARF32, version = 0x0004, abbr_offset = 0x0000, addr_size = 0x08, name = '', type_signature = 0x0011223344556677, type_offset = 0x0019 (next unit at 0x0000001d)
CHECK: 0x00000017: DW_TAG_type_unit [1] *
CHECK: DW_AT_visibility [DW_FORM_data1] (DW_VIS_local)