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This directory contains LLVM bindings for the OCaml programming language
* OCaml 4.00.0+.
* ctypes 0.4+.
* CMake (to build LLVM).
Building the bindings
If all dependencies are present, the bindings will be built and installed
as a part of the default CMake configuration, with no further action.
They will only work with the specific OCaml compiler detected during the build.
The bindings can also be built out-of-tree, i.e. targeting a preinstalled
LLVM. To do this, configure the LLVM build tree as follows:
-DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=[Preinstalled LLVM path] \
-DLLVM_OCAML_INSTALL_PATH=[OCaml install prefix] \
[... any other options]
then build and install it as:
$ make ocaml_all
$ cmake -P bindings/ocaml/cmake_install.cmake