Reland "[Debugify] Make the debugify aware of the original (-g) Debug Info"

    As discussed on the RFC [0], I am sharing the set of patches that
    enables checking of original Debug Info metadata preservation in
    optimizations. The proof-of-concept/proposal can be found at [1].

    The implementation from the [1] was full of duplicated code,
    so this set of patches tries to merge this approach into the existing
    debugify utility.

    For example, the utility pass in the original-debuginfo-check
    mode could be invoked as follows:

      $ opt -verify-debuginfo-preserve -pass-to-test sample.ll

    Since this is very initial stage of the implementation,
    there is a space for improvements such as:
      - Add support for the new pass manager
      - Add support for metadata other than DILocations and DISubprograms


    Differential Revision:

The test that was failing is now forced to use the old PM.

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