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//===- DWARFLinkerImpl.h ----------------------------------------*- C++ -*-===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
#include "DWARFEmitterImpl.h"
#include "DWARFLinkerCompileUnit.h"
#include "StringEntryToDwarfStringPoolEntryMap.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/AddressRanges.h"
#include "llvm/CodeGen/AccelTable.h"
#include "llvm/DWARFLinkerParallel/DWARFLinker.h"
#include "llvm/DWARFLinkerParallel/StringPool.h"
namespace llvm {
namespace dwarflinker_parallel {
/// This class links debug info.
class DWARFLinkerImpl : public DWARFLinker {
DWARFLinkerImpl(MessageHandlerTy ErrorHandler,
MessageHandlerTy WarningHandler,
TranslatorFuncTy StringsTranslator)
: UniqueUnitID(0), DebugStrStrings(GlobalData),
DebugLineStrStrings(GlobalData), CommonSections(GlobalData) {
/// Create debug info emitter.
Error createEmitter(const Triple &TheTriple, OutputFileType FileType,
raw_pwrite_stream &OutFile) override;
ExtraDwarfEmitter *getEmitter() override;
/// Add object file to be linked. Pre-load compile unit die. Call
/// \p OnCUDieLoaded for each compile unit die. If specified \p File
/// has reference to the Clang module then such module would be
/// pre-loaded by \p Loader for !Update case.
/// \pre NoODR, Update options should be set before call to addObjectFile.
void addObjectFile(
DWARFFile &File, ObjFileLoaderTy Loader = nullptr,
CompileUnitHandlerTy OnCUDieLoaded = [](const DWARFUnit &) {}) override;
/// Link debug info for added files.
Error link() override;
/// \defgroup Methods setting various linking options:
/// @{
/// Allows to generate log of linking process to the standard output.
void setVerbosity(bool Verbose) override {
GlobalData.Options.Verbose = Verbose;
/// Print statistics to standard output.
void setStatistics(bool Statistics) override {
GlobalData.Options.Statistics = Statistics;
/// Verify the input DWARF.
void setVerifyInputDWARF(bool Verify) override {
GlobalData.Options.VerifyInputDWARF = Verify;
/// Do not unique types according to ODR.
void setNoODR(bool) override {
// FIXME: set option when ODR mode will be supported.
// getOptions().NoODR = NoODR;
GlobalData.Options.NoODR = true;
/// Update index tables only(do not modify rest of DWARF).
void setUpdateIndexTablesOnly(bool UpdateIndexTablesOnly) override {
GlobalData.Options.UpdateIndexTablesOnly = UpdateIndexTablesOnly;
/// Allow generating valid, but non-deterministic output.
setAllowNonDeterministicOutput(bool AllowNonDeterministicOutput) override {
GlobalData.Options.AllowNonDeterministicOutput =
/// Set to keep the enclosing function for a static variable.
void setKeepFunctionForStatic(bool KeepFunctionForStatic) override {
GlobalData.Options.KeepFunctionForStatic = KeepFunctionForStatic;
/// Use specified number of threads for parallel files linking.
void setNumThreads(unsigned NumThreads) override {
GlobalData.Options.Threads = NumThreads;
/// Add kind of accelerator tables to be generated.
void addAccelTableKind(AccelTableKind Kind) override {
assert(!llvm::is_contained(GlobalData.getOptions().AccelTables, Kind));
/// Set prepend path for clang modules.
void setPrependPath(const std::string &Ppath) override {
GlobalData.Options.PrependPath = Ppath;
/// Set estimated objects files amount, for preliminary data allocation.
void setEstimatedObjfilesAmount(unsigned ObjFilesNum) override {
/// Set verification handler which would be used to report verification
/// errors.
setInputVerificationHandler(InputVerificationHandlerTy Handler) override {
GlobalData.Options.InputVerificationHandler = Handler;
/// Set map for Swift interfaces.
void setSwiftInterfacesMap(SwiftInterfacesMapTy *Map) override {
GlobalData.Options.ParseableSwiftInterfaces = Map;
/// Set prefix map for objects.
void setObjectPrefixMap(ObjectPrefixMapTy *Map) override {
GlobalData.Options.ObjectPrefixMap = Map;
/// Set target DWARF version.
Error setTargetDWARFVersion(uint16_t TargetDWARFVersion) override {
if ((TargetDWARFVersion < 1) || (TargetDWARFVersion > 5))
return createStringError(std::errc::invalid_argument,
"unsupported DWARF version: %d",
GlobalData.Options.TargetDWARFVersion = TargetDWARFVersion;
return Error::success();
/// @}
/// Verify input DWARF file.
void verifyInput(const DWARFFile &File);
/// Validate specified options.
Error validateAndUpdateOptions();
/// Take already linked compile units and glue them into single file.
void glueCompileUnitsAndWriteToTheOutput();
/// Hold the input and output of the debug info size in bytes.
struct DebugInfoSize {
uint64_t Input;
uint64_t Output;
friend class DependencyTracker;
/// Keeps track of data associated with one object during linking.
/// i.e. source file descriptor, compilation units, output data
/// for compilation units common tables.
struct LinkContext : public OutputSections {
using UnitListTy = SmallVector<std::unique_ptr<CompileUnit>>;
/// Keep information for referenced clang module: already loaded DWARF info
/// of the clang module and a CompileUnit of the module.
struct RefModuleUnit {
RefModuleUnit(DWARFFile &File, std::unique_ptr<CompileUnit> Unit)
: File(File), Unit(std::move(Unit)) {}
RefModuleUnit(RefModuleUnit &&Other)
: File(Other.File), Unit(std::move(Other.Unit)) {}
RefModuleUnit(const RefModuleUnit &) = delete;
DWARFFile &File;
std::unique_ptr<CompileUnit> Unit;
using ModuleUnitListTy = SmallVector<RefModuleUnit>;
/// Object file descriptor.
DWARFFile &InputDWARFFile;
/// Set of Compilation Units(may be accessed asynchroniously for reading).
UnitListTy CompileUnits;
/// Set of Compile Units for modules.
ModuleUnitListTy ModulesCompileUnits;
/// Size of Debug info before optimizing.
uint64_t OriginalDebugInfoSize = 0;
/// Flag indicating that all inter-connected units are loaded
/// and the dwarf linking process for these units is started.
bool InterCUProcessingStarted = false;
StringMap<uint64_t> &ClangModules;
std::optional<Triple> TargetTriple;
/// Flag indicating that new inter-connected compilation units were
/// discovered. It is used for restarting units processing
/// if new inter-connected units were found.
std::atomic<bool> HasNewInterconnectedCUs = {false};
/// Counter for compile units ID.
std::atomic<size_t> &UniqueUnitID;
LinkContext(LinkingGlobalData &GlobalData, DWARFFile &File,
StringMap<uint64_t> &ClangModules,
std::atomic<size_t> &UniqueUnitID,
std::optional<Triple> TargetTriple)
: OutputSections(GlobalData), InputDWARFFile(File),
ClangModules(ClangModules), TargetTriple(TargetTriple),
UniqueUnitID(UniqueUnitID) {
if (File.Dwarf) {
if (!File.Dwarf->compile_units().empty())
// Set context format&endianness based on the input file.
Format.Version = File.Dwarf->getMaxVersion();
Format.AddrSize = File.Dwarf->getCUAddrSize();
Endianness = File.Dwarf->isLittleEndian() ? support::endianness::little
: support::endianness::big;
/// Check whether specified \p CUDie is a Clang module reference.
/// if \p Quiet is false then display error messages.
/// \return first == true if CUDie is a Clang module reference.
/// second == true if module is already loaded.
std::pair<bool, bool> isClangModuleRef(const DWARFDie &CUDie,
std::string &PCMFile,
unsigned Indent, bool Quiet);
/// If this compile unit is really a skeleton CU that points to a
/// clang module, register it in ClangModules and return true.
/// A skeleton CU is a CU without children, a DW_AT_gnu_dwo_name
/// pointing to the module, and a DW_AT_gnu_dwo_id with the module
/// hash.
bool registerModuleReference(const DWARFDie &CUDie, ObjFileLoaderTy Loader,
CompileUnitHandlerTy OnCUDieLoaded,
unsigned Indent = 0);
/// Recursively add the debug info in this clang module .pcm
/// file (and all the modules imported by it in a bottom-up fashion)
/// to ModuleUnits.
Error loadClangModule(ObjFileLoaderTy Loader, const DWARFDie &CUDie,
const std::string &PCMFile,
CompileUnitHandlerTy OnCUDieLoaded,
unsigned Indent = 0);
/// Add Compile Unit corresponding to the module.
void addModulesCompileUnit(RefModuleUnit &&Unit) {
/// Computes the total size of the debug info.
uint64_t getInputDebugInfoSize() const {
uint64_t Size = 0;
if (InputDWARFFile.Dwarf == nullptr)
return Size;
for (auto &Unit : InputDWARFFile.Dwarf->compile_units())
Size += Unit->getLength();
return Size;
/// Link compile units for this context.
Error link();
/// Link specified compile unit until specified stage.
void linkSingleCompileUnit(
CompileUnit &CU,
enum CompileUnit::Stage DoUntilStage = CompileUnit::Stage::Cleaned);
/// Emit invariant sections.
Error emitInvariantSections();
/// Clone and emit .debug_frame.
Error cloneAndEmitDebugFrame();
/// Emit FDE record.
void emitFDE(uint32_t CIEOffset, uint32_t AddrSize, uint64_t Address,
StringRef FDEBytes, SectionDescriptor &Section);
std::function<CompileUnit *(uint64_t)> getUnitForOffset =
[&](uint64_t Offset) -> CompileUnit * {
auto CU = llvm::upper_bound(
CompileUnits, Offset,
[](uint64_t LHS, const std::unique_ptr<CompileUnit> &RHS) {
return LHS < RHS->getOrigUnit().getNextUnitOffset();
return CU != CompileUnits.end() ? CU->get() : nullptr;
/// Enumerate all compile units and assign offsets to their sections and
/// strings.
void assignOffsets();
/// Enumerate all compile units and assign offsets to their sections.
void assignOffsetsToSections();
/// Enumerate all compile units and assign offsets to their strings.
void assignOffsetsToStrings();
/// Print statistic for processed Debug Info.
void printStatistic();
enum StringDestinationKind : uint8_t { DebugStr, DebugLineStr };
/// Enumerates all strings.
void forEachOutputString(
function_ref<void(StringDestinationKind, const StringEntry *)>
/// Enumerates sections for modules, invariant for object files, compile
/// units.
void forEachObjectSectionsSet(
function_ref<void(OutputSections &SectionsSet)> SectionsSetHandler);
/// Enumerates all comple units.
void forEachCompileUnit(function_ref<void(CompileUnit *CU)> UnitHandler);
/// Enumerates all patches and update them with the correct values.
void patchOffsetsAndSizes();
/// Emit debug sections common for all input files.
void emitCommonSectionsAndWriteCompileUnitsToTheOutput();
/// Emit apple accelerator sections.
void emitAppleAcceleratorSections(const Triple &TargetTriple);
/// Emit .debug_names section.
void emitDWARFv5DebugNamesSection(const Triple &TargetTriple);
/// Emit string sections.
void emitStringSections();
/// Cleanup data(string pools) after output sections are generated.
void cleanupDataAfterDWARFOutputIsWritten();
/// Enumerate all compile units and put their data into the output stream.
void writeCompileUnitsToTheOutput();
/// Enumerate common sections and put their data into the output stream.
void writeCommonSectionsToTheOutput();
/// \defgroup Data members accessed asinchroniously.
/// @{
/// Unique ID for compile unit.
std::atomic<size_t> UniqueUnitID;
/// Mapping the PCM filename to the DwoId.
StringMap<uint64_t> ClangModules;
std::mutex ClangModulesMutex;
/// @}
/// \defgroup Data members accessed sequentially.
/// @{
/// DwarfStringPoolEntries for .debug_str section.
StringEntryToDwarfStringPoolEntryMap DebugStrStrings;
/// DwarfStringPoolEntries for .debug_line_str section.
StringEntryToDwarfStringPoolEntryMap DebugLineStrStrings;
/// Keeps all linking contexts.
SmallVector<std::unique_ptr<LinkContext>> ObjectContexts;
/// Common sections.
OutputSections CommonSections;
/// The emitter of final dwarf file.
std::unique_ptr<DwarfEmitterImpl> TheDwarfEmitter;
/// Overall compile units number.
uint64_t OverallNumberOfCU = 0;
/// Data global for the whole linking process.
LinkingGlobalData GlobalData;
/// @}
} // end namespace dwarflinker_parallel
} // end namespace llvm