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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -std=c++17 -verify=cxx17 -Wc++20-compat %s
// RUN: %clang_cc1 -std=c++20 -verify=cxx20 -Wc++17-compat %s
namespace disambig {
// Cases that are valid in C++17 and before, ill-formed in C++20, and that we
// should not treat as explicit(bool) as an extension.
struct A { // cxx20-note +{{}}
constexpr A() {}
constexpr operator bool() { return true; }
constexpr explicit (A)(int); // #1
// cxx17-warning@#1 {{will be parsed as explicit(bool)}}
// cxx20-error@#1 +{{}} cxx20-note@#1 +{{}}
// cxx20-warning@#1 {{incompatible with C++ standards before C++20}}
// This is ill-formed (via a DR change), and shouldn't be recognized as a
// constructor (the function declarator cannot be parenthesized in a
// constructor declaration). But accepting it as an extension seems
// reasonable.
// FIXME: Produce an ExtWarn for this.
constexpr explicit (A(float)); // #1b
// cxx17-warning@#1b {{will be parsed as explicit(bool)}}
// cxx20-error@#1b +{{}}
// cxx20-warning@#1b {{incompatible with C++ standards before C++20}}
explicit (operator int)(); // #2
// cxx17-warning@#2 {{will be parsed as explicit(bool)}}
// cxx20-error@#2 +{{}}
// cxx20-warning@#2 {{incompatible with C++ standards before C++20}}
explicit (A::operator float)(); // #2b
// cxx17-warning@#2b {{will be parsed as explicit(bool)}}
// cxx17-error@#2b {{extra qualification on member}}
// cxx20-error@#2b +{{}}
// cxx20-warning@#2b {{incompatible with C++ standards before C++20}}
constexpr bool operator+(A) { return true; }
constexpr bool C = false;
// Cases that should (ideally) be disambiguated as explicit(bool) in earlier
// language modes as an extension.
struct B {
// Looks like a constructor, but not the constructor of B.
explicit (A()) B(); // #3
// cxx17-warning@#3 {{C++20 extension}}
// cxx20-warning@#3 {{incompatible with C++ standards before C++20}}
// Looks like a 'constructor' of C. Actually a constructor of B.
explicit (C)(B)(A); // #4
// cxx17-warning@#4 {{C++20 extension}}
// cxx20-warning@#4 {{incompatible with C++ standards before C++20}}
explicit (operator+(A())) operator int(); // #5
// cxx17-error@#5 {{requires a type specifier}} cxx17-error@#5 {{expected ';'}}
// cxx17-warning@#5 {{will be parsed as explicit(bool)}}
// cxx20-warning@#5 {{incompatible with C++ standards before C++20}}