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//===--- ClangdLSPServer.h - LSP server --------------------------*- C++-*-===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
#include "ClangdServer.h"
#include "Context.h"
#include "DraftStore.h"
#include ""
#include "FindSymbols.h"
#include "GlobalCompilationDatabase.h"
#include "Path.h"
#include "Protocol.h"
#include "Transport.h"
#include "clang/Tooling/Core/Replacement.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/Optional.h"
#include <memory>
namespace clang {
namespace clangd {
class SymbolIndex;
/// This class exposes ClangdServer's capabilities via Language Server Protocol.
/// MessageHandler binds the implemented LSP methods (e.g. onInitialize) to
/// corresponding JSON-RPC methods ("initialize").
/// The server also supports $/cancelRequest (MessageHandler provides this).
class ClangdLSPServer : private DiagnosticsConsumer {
/// If \p CompileCommandsDir has a value, compile_commands.json will be
/// loaded only from \p CompileCommandsDir. Otherwise, clangd will look
/// for compile_commands.json in all parent directories of each file.
/// If UseDirBasedCDB is false, compile commands are not read from disk.
// FIXME: Clean up signature around CDBs.
ClangdLSPServer(Transport &Transp, const FileSystemProvider &FSProvider,
const clangd::CodeCompleteOptions &CCOpts,
llvm::Optional<Path> CompileCommandsDir, bool UseDirBasedCDB,
llvm::Optional<OffsetEncoding> ForcedOffsetEncoding,
const ClangdServer::Options &Opts);
/// Run LSP server loop, communicating with the Transport provided in the
/// constructor. This method must not be executed more than once.
/// \return Whether we shut down cleanly with a 'shutdown' -> 'exit' sequence.
bool run();
// Implement DiagnosticsConsumer.
void onDiagnosticsReady(PathRef File, std::vector<Diag> Diagnostics) override;
void onFileUpdated(PathRef File, const TUStatus &Status) override;
onHighlightingsReady(PathRef File,
std::vector<HighlightingToken> Highlightings) override;
// LSP methods. Notifications have signature void(const Params&).
// Calls have signature void(const Params&, Callback<Response>).
void onInitialize(const InitializeParams &, Callback<llvm::json::Value>);
void onShutdown(const ShutdownParams &, Callback<std::nullptr_t>);
void onSync(const NoParams &, Callback<std::nullptr_t>);
void onDocumentDidOpen(const DidOpenTextDocumentParams &);
void onDocumentDidChange(const DidChangeTextDocumentParams &);
void onDocumentDidClose(const DidCloseTextDocumentParams &);
void onDocumentOnTypeFormatting(const DocumentOnTypeFormattingParams &,
void onDocumentRangeFormatting(const DocumentRangeFormattingParams &,
void onDocumentFormatting(const DocumentFormattingParams &,
// The results are serialized 'vector<DocumentSymbol>' if
// SupportsHierarchicalDocumentSymbol is true and 'vector<SymbolInformation>'
// otherwise.
void onDocumentSymbol(const DocumentSymbolParams &,
void onCodeAction(const CodeActionParams &, Callback<llvm::json::Value>);
void onCompletion(const CompletionParams &, Callback<CompletionList>);
void onSignatureHelp(const TextDocumentPositionParams &,
void onGoToDeclaration(const TextDocumentPositionParams &,
void onGoToDefinition(const TextDocumentPositionParams &,
void onReference(const ReferenceParams &, Callback<std::vector<Location>>);
void onSwitchSourceHeader(const TextDocumentIdentifier &,
void onDocumentHighlight(const TextDocumentPositionParams &,
void onFileEvent(const DidChangeWatchedFilesParams &);
void onCommand(const ExecuteCommandParams &, Callback<llvm::json::Value>);
void onWorkspaceSymbol(const WorkspaceSymbolParams &,
void onPrepareRename(const TextDocumentPositionParams &,
void onRename(const RenameParams &, Callback<WorkspaceEdit>);
void onHover(const TextDocumentPositionParams &,
void onTypeHierarchy(const TypeHierarchyParams &,
void onResolveTypeHierarchy(const ResolveTypeHierarchyItemParams &,
void onChangeConfiguration(const DidChangeConfigurationParams &);
void onSymbolInfo(const TextDocumentPositionParams &,
void onSelectionRange(const SelectionRangeParams &,
std::vector<Fix> getFixes(StringRef File, const clangd::Diagnostic &D);
/// Checks if completion request should be ignored. We need this due to the
/// limitation of the LSP. Per LSP, a client sends requests for all "trigger
/// character" we specify, but for '>' and ':' we need to check they actually
/// produce '->' and '::', respectively.
bool shouldRunCompletion(const CompletionParams &Params) const;
/// Forces a reparse of all currently opened files. As a result, this method
/// may be very expensive. This method is normally called when the
/// compilation database is changed.
void reparseOpenedFiles();
void applyConfiguration(const ConfigurationSettings &Settings);
/// Sends a "publishSemanticHighlighting" notification to the LSP client.
void publishSemanticHighlighting(SemanticHighlightingParams Params);
/// Sends a "publishDiagnostics" notification to the LSP client.
void publishDiagnostics(const URIForFile &File,
std::vector<clangd::Diagnostic> Diagnostics);
/// Since initialization of CDBs and ClangdServer is done lazily, the
/// following context captures the one used while creating ClangdLSPServer and
/// passes it to above mentioned object instances to make sure they share the
/// same state.
Context BackgroundContext;
/// Used to indicate that the 'shutdown' request was received from the
/// Language Server client.
bool ShutdownRequestReceived = false;
/// Used to indicate the ClangdLSPServer is being destroyed.
std::atomic<bool> IsBeingDestroyed = {false};
std::mutex FixItsMutex;
typedef std::map<clangd::Diagnostic, std::vector<Fix>, LSPDiagnosticCompare>
/// Caches FixIts per file and diagnostics
llvm::StringMap<DiagnosticToReplacementMap> FixItsMap;
std::mutex HighlightingsMutex;
llvm::StringMap<std::vector<HighlightingToken>> FileToHighlightings;
// Most code should not deal with Transport directly.
// MessageHandler deals with incoming messages, use call() etc for outgoing.
clangd::Transport &Transp;
class MessageHandler;
std::unique_ptr<MessageHandler> MsgHandler;
std::mutex TranspWriter;
template <typename Response>
void call(StringRef Method, llvm::json::Value Params, Callback<Response> CB) {
// Wrap the callback with LSP conversion and error-handling.
auto HandleReply =
[CB = std::move(CB), Ctx = Context::current().clone()](
llvm::Expected<llvm::json::Value> RawResponse) mutable {
Response Rsp;
if (!RawResponse) {
} else if (fromJSON(*RawResponse, Rsp)) {
} else {
elog("Failed to decode {0} response", *RawResponse);
CB(llvm::make_error<LSPError>("failed to decode reponse",
callRaw(Method, std::move(Params), std::move(HandleReply));
void callRaw(StringRef Method, llvm::json::Value Params,
Callback<llvm::json::Value> CB);
void notify(StringRef Method, llvm::json::Value Params);
const FileSystemProvider &FSProvider;
/// Options used for code completion
clangd::CodeCompleteOptions CCOpts;
/// Options used for diagnostics.
ClangdDiagnosticOptions DiagOpts;
/// The supported kinds of the client.
SymbolKindBitset SupportedSymbolKinds;
/// The supported completion item kinds of the client.
CompletionItemKindBitset SupportedCompletionItemKinds;
/// Whether the client supports CodeAction response objects.
bool SupportsCodeAction = false;
/// From capabilities of textDocument/documentSymbol.
bool SupportsHierarchicalDocumentSymbol = false;
/// Whether the client supports showing file status.
bool SupportFileStatus = false;
/// Which kind of markup should we use in textDocument/hover responses.
MarkupKind HoverContentFormat = MarkupKind::PlainText;
/// Whether the client supports offsets for parameter info labels.
bool SupportsOffsetsInSignatureHelp = false;
// Store of the current versions of the open documents.
DraftStore DraftMgr;
// The CDB is created by the "initialize" LSP method.
bool UseDirBasedCDB; // FIXME: make this a capability.
llvm::Optional<Path> CompileCommandsDir; // FIXME: merge with capability?
std::unique_ptr<GlobalCompilationDatabase> BaseCDB;
// CDB is BaseCDB plus any comands overridden via LSP extensions.
llvm::Optional<OverlayCDB> CDB;
// The ClangdServer is created by the "initialize" LSP method.
// It is destroyed before run() returns, to ensure worker threads exit.
ClangdServer::Options ClangdServerOpts;
llvm::Optional<ClangdServer> Server;
llvm::Optional<OffsetEncoding> NegotiatedOffsetEncoding;
} // namespace clangd
} // namespace clang