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  1. c2e6f37 [clang-tidy] - fails using python 3.7 by Andi-Bogdan Postelnicu · 2 hours ago master
  2. 0c2b65e [clangd] Add option to enable/disable function argument snippets. by Kadir Cetinkaya · 3 hours ago
  3. 309bf47 [clangd] Store preamble macros in dynamic index. by Eric Liu · 4 hours ago
  4. 75e098b [clang-tidy] Replace redundant checks with an assert(). by Artem Belevich · 16 hours ago
  5. 96b05cc [clangd] Fix error handling for SymbolID parsing (notably YAML and dexp) by Sam McCall · 19 hours ago
  6. d9a480a [clangd] Get rid of Decls parameter in indexMainDecls. NFC by Eric Liu · 24 hours ago
  7. 5060576 [clang-tidy] use CHECK-NOTES in bugprone-unused-return-value by Jonas Toth · 26 hours ago
  8. 5e69828 [clangd] Merge ClangdServer::DynamicIndex into FileIndex. NFC. by Eric Liu · 27 hours ago
  9. 8c5306b [clang-tidy] use CHECK-NOTES in bugprone-forwarding-reference-overload by Jonas Toth · 27 hours ago
  10. 927ecfd [clang-tidy] use CHECK-NOTES in tests for bugprone-argument-comment by Jonas Toth · 27 hours ago
  11. 0b7a2bc [clangd] dexp tool uses llvm::cl to parse its flags. by Sam McCall · 28 hours ago
  12. 0faf959 [clangd] Update code completion for #include completions in r342449 by Sam McCall · 28 hours ago
  13. 9090c5b [clangd] Adapt API change after 342451. by Eric Liu · 29 hours ago
  14. b6ac502 [pp-trace] Remove unused using directives by Fangrui Song · 31 hours ago
  15. 50deb9a [clang-tidy] Fix tests for performance-for-range-copy by Shuai Wang · 2 days ago
  16. 86c9ada Fix build failure caused by D52157 by Shuai Wang · 2 days ago
  17. 07eed56 [clang-tidy] Remove duplicated logic in UnnecessaryValueParamCheck and use FunctionParmMutationAnalyzer instead. by Shuai Wang · 2 days ago
  18. 00a5911 [clang-tidy] fix PR37913, templated exception factory diagnosed correctly by Jonas Toth · 2 days ago
  19. 77ed1cd Fix by Idriss Riouak · 2 days ago
  20. 09ab9ae [Clang-Tidy: modernize] Fix for modernize-redundant-void-arg: complains about variable cast to void by Idriss Riouak · 2 days ago