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Get artifact from an artifact server.
The server should present a directory structure over http/https. The leaf
directories should contain a file called ``
(typically generated by jenkins) containing a line like:
which is then resolved as the latest version available for this directory.
import os
import sys
import tasktool.utils as utils
def verify(config):
if config.get('url') is None:
raise Exception("No 'url' specified")
def resolve_latest(config):
assert(config['type'] == 'artifact_server')
url = config['url']
if not url.endswith('/'):
url += '/'
latest_info_file = config.get('latest_info_file',
latest_url = url + latest_info_file
props = utils.check_output(['curl', '-s', latest_url])
res = None
latest_key = config.pop('latest_key', 'ARTIFACT')
for line in props.split('\n'):
line = line.strip()
if line.startswith('%s=' % latest_key):
res = line[len(latest_key)+1:]
# We usually have something like, try to resolve this to a single URL
# URL=
# ARTIFACT=mybuild/blabla.tar.gz
dirname = os.path.dirname(res) + "/"
full_url = url
if full_url.endswith(dirname):
full_url = full_url[:-len(dirname)]
full_url += res
config['url'] = full_url
config['type'] = 'url'
def get_artifact(config, dest_dir):
raise Exception("A2 artifact not resolved to URL?!?")
def repro_arg(config, dest_dir):
raise Exception("A2 artifact not resolved to URL?!?")