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""" Script to control the deployment of LNT to Google Cloud Instance.
import os
from os.path import expanduser
import re
from fabric.api import env, cd, task, run, put
from fabric.api import sudo
from fabric.context_managers import hide
from fabric.operations import get, local
here = os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath(__file__))
home = expanduser("~")
env.use_ssh_config = True
env.output_prefix = False
# The remote LNT venv location.
LNT_VENV = "/srv/lnt/sandbox"
# Prefix a command with this to get to the venv.
IN_VENV = "source " + LNT_VENV + "/bin/activate; "
def in_venv(command):
"""Run the command inside the LNT venv."""
return IN_VENV + command
# The remote location of the LNT repo checkout.
LNT_PATH = "/srv/lnt/src/lnt/"
LNT_CONF_PATH = "/srv/lnt/install"
def update():
"""Update the svn repo, then reinstall LNT."""
with cd(LNT_PATH):
with cd(LNT_PATH + "/docs/"):
sudo('rm -rf _build')
with cd(LNT_PATH + "/lnt/server/ui/static"):
sudo('rm -rf docs')
sudo('git checkout docs')
sudo("git pull --rebase")
run("git log -1 --pretty=%B")
with cd(LNT_PATH + "/docs/"):
sudo(IN_VENV + "python install --server")
put(here + "/blacklist", "/tmp/blacklist")
sudo("mv /tmp/blacklist /srv/lnt/install/blacklist")
put(here + "/", "/tmp/")
sudo("mv /tmp/ /etc/cron.hourly/kill_zombies")
sudo("chmod +x /etc/cron.hourly/kill_zombies")
def log():
get('/srv/lnt/install/lnt.log', 'lnt.log')
local('cat lnt.log')
def new_log():
"""Show only lines since the last time the log was echoed."""
if os.path.exists("lnt.log"):
lines = {line for line in open("lnt.log", 'r').readlines()}
lines = set()
with hide('warnings'):
get('/srv/lnt/install/lnt.log', 'lnt.log', )
new_lines = {line for line in open("lnt.log", 'r').readlines()}
for l in new_lines - lines:
print ' '.join(l.split()[2:]),
def ps():
sudo('ps auxxxf | grep gunicorn')
def rotate_log():
"""Rotate the LNT log."""
sudo('rm -rf /srv/lnt/install/gunicorn.error.log')
out = sudo('ps auxxxf | grep "gunicorn: master"')
pid ='lnt\s+(?P<pid>\d+)\s+', out).groupdict()['pid']
print pid
sudo('kill -USR1 ' + pid)
def df():
sudo('df -h')
def kill_zombies():
import re
out = sudo("ps auxxxf")
stranded = re.compile(r"^lnt\s+(?P<pid>\d+).*00\sgunicorn:\swork")
pids = []
for line in out.split('\n'):
m = stranded.match(line)
if m:
pid = m.groupdict()['pid']
print ">", line
for pid in pids:
sudo("kill -9 {}".format(pid))
def service_restart():
"""Restarting LNT service with Launchctl"""
sudo("systemctl restart gunicorn")