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This directory contains a working skeleton for setting up a buildbot system
for testing LLVM.
Actually, there are is a generic working skeleton, in 'smooshlab', and
a specific working skeleton in 'osuosl' for talking to the public LLVM
buildbot hosted on
Build Slaves
These are the steps to install a buildslave based on this skeleton:
1. Install buildbot.
2. Create a user for the buildslave, e.g. "buildslave".
3. Check out the "zorg" SVN module somewhere as the buildslave user,
e.g. ~buildslave/zorg.
4. Edit "zorg/buildbot/osuosl/" and fix the buildslave name
and password to match what the master expects.
5. Add host information (e.g., 'uname -a') to info/host in the slave
6. Configure your system to start the buildbot automatically. On Mac
OS X this means copying the sample .plist to /Library/LaunchDaemons
(editing it as appropriate if the user name or slave directories are
different), and using 'launchctl' to load and start it.