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<div class="www_sectiontitle">LLVM Logo</div>
<p>The LLVM logo is a stylized <a
href="">wyvern</a> (a kind of
href="">dragon</a>). Dragons have
connotations of power, speed and intelligence, and can also be sleek, elegant,
and modular (err, maybe not). In addition, there is a series of influential
<a href="">compiler
books</a> going back to 1977 which featured dragons on the cover.</p>
<p><img src="img/LLVMWyvernSmall.png" alt="Small Wyvern logo" width="700" height="439"></p>
<p>You can also download a larger version of <a href="img/LLVMWyvernBig.png">this image</a> here.</p>
<div class="www_subsection">Older Dragon Logo</div>
<p>LLVM used an older dragon logo for many years. This version is endearing
for many reasons, including an unproven theory that it has its head upside
down (and an anonymous Australian takes the controversial view that its body
is actually upside down)!</p>
<p>Here is the image in a couple of sizes:</p>
<p><img src="img/DragonSmall.png" alt="small dragon logo" width="136"
<p><img src="img/DragonMedium.png" alg="medium dragon logo" width="400"
<div class="www_subsection">Derivative Versions of the Older Logo</div>
<div class="www_text">
<p>Here are several derivative versions of the dragon logo, which may be more
suitable for use as icons etc. These were contributed by Teresa Chang:</p>
<img src="img/LLVM-Logo-Derivative-1.png"><p>
<img src="img/LLVM-Logo-Derivative-2.png"><p>
<img src="img/LLVM-Logo-Derivative-3.png"><p>
<img src="img/LLVM-Logo-Derivative-4.png"><p>
<img src="img/LLVM-Logo-Derivative-5.png"><p>
<div class="www_subsection">Usage Rights</div>
<div class="www_text">
<p>This dragon image is owned by Apple Inc. and is available for your
download and use royalty-free. By downloading this image, Apple grants you,
and you accept, a non-exclusive license to use this image. All right, title
and interest in the image, including the copyright therein, is retained by
<p><a href="img/DragonFull.png">Full Resolution Image</a></p>
<p><a href="img/">Adobe Illustrator Version</a></p>
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