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/* Test to verify that a strlen() call with a pointer to a dynamic type
doesn't make assumptions based on the static type of the original
pointer. See g++.dg/init/strlen.C for the corresponding C++ test. */
struct A { int i; char a[1]; void (*p)(); };
struct B { char a[sizeof (struct A) - __builtin_offsetof (struct A, a)]; };
__attribute__ ((noipa)) void
init (char *d, const char *s)
__builtin_strcpy (d, s);
struct B b;
__attribute__ ((noipa)) void
test_dynamic_type (struct A *p)
/* The following call is undefined because it writes past the end
of the p->a subobject, but the corresponding GIMPLE considers
it valid and there's apparently no way to distinguish invalid
cases from ones like it that might be valid. If/when GIMPLE
changes to make this possible this test can be removed. */
char *q = (char*)__builtin_memcpy (p->a, &b, sizeof b);
init (q, "foobar");
if (6 != __builtin_strlen (q))
int main (void)
struct A *p = (struct A*)__builtin_malloc (sizeof *p);
test_dynamic_type (p);
return 0;