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/* Copyright (C) 2000 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Contributed by Nathan Sidwell 23 Feb 2000 <> */
/* __alignof__ should never return a non-power of 2
eg, sizeof(long double) might be 12, but that means it must be alignable
on a 4 byte boundary. */
void check (char const *type, int align)
if ((align & -align) != align)
abort ();
#define QUOTE_(s) #s
#define QUOTE(s) QUOTE_(s)
#define check(t) check(QUOTE(t), __alignof__(t))
// This struct should have an alignment of the lcm of all the types. If one of
// the base alignments is not a power of two, then A cannot be power of two
// aligned.
struct A
char c;
signed short ss;
unsigned short us;
signed int si;
unsigned int ui;
signed long sl;
unsigned long ul;
signed long long sll;
unsigned long long ull;
float f;
double d;
long double ld;
void *dp;
void (*fp)();
int main ()
check (void);
check (char);
check (signed short);
check (unsigned short);
check (signed int);
check (unsigned int);
check (signed long);
check (unsigned long);
check (signed long long);
check (unsigned long long);
check (float);
check (double);
check (long double);
check (void *);
check (void (*)());
check (struct A);
return 0;