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llvm-exegesis is a benchmarking tool that accepts or assembles a snippet and can measure characteristics of that snippet by executing it while keeping track of performance counters.

Currently Supported Platforms

llvm-exegesis is quite platform-dependent and currently only supports a couple platform configurations for benchmarking. The limitations are listed below. Analysis mode in llvm-exegesis is supported on all platforms on which LLVM is.

Currently Supported Operating Systems for Benchmarking

Currently, llvm-exegesis only supports benchmarking on Linux. This is mainly due to a dependency on the Linux perf subsystem for reading performance counters.

Currently Supported Architectures for Benchmarking

Currently, using llvm-exegesis for benchmarking is supported on the following architectures:

  • x86
    • 64-bit only due to this being the only implemented calling convention in llvm-exegesis currently.
  • ARM
    • AArch64 only
  • MIPS
  • PowerPC (PowerPC64LE only)

Note that not benchmarking functionality is guaranteed to work on all platforms.