Revert "[DebugMetadata][DwarfDebug] Support function-local types in lexical block scopes (4/7)"

This caused asserts:

  virtual void llvm::DwarfDebug::endFunctionImpl(const llvm::MachineFunction *):
  Assertion `LScopes.getAbstractScopesList().size() == NumAbstractSubprograms &&
  "getOrCreateAbstractScope() inserted an abstract subprogram scope"' failed.

See comment on the code review for reproducer.

> Similar to imported declarations, the patch tracks function-local types in
> DISubprogram's 'retainedNodes' field. DwarfDebug is adjusted in accordance with
> the aforementioned metadata change and provided a support of function-local
> types scoped within a lexical block.
> The patch assumes that DICompileUnit's 'enums field' no longer tracks local
> types and DwarfDebug would assert if any locally-scoped types get placed there.
> Reviewed By: jmmartinez
> Differential Revision:

This reverts commit f8aab289b5549086062588fba627b0e4d3a5ab15.

GitOrigin-RevId: eee1f7cef856241ad7d66b715c584d29b1c89ca9
22 files changed