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// REQUIRES: arm
// RUN: llvm-mc --arm-add-build-attributes -filetype=obj -triple=thumbv5-none-linux-gnueabi %s -o %t
// RUN: ld.lld %t -o %t2
// RUN: llvm-objdump --no-show-raw-insn -d %t2 | FileCheck %s
/// Check that the ARM ABI rules for undefined weak symbols are applied.
/// Relative relocations are resolved to the place. Although we can't encode
/// this for R_ARM_THM_PC8 as negative addends are not permitted. Use smallest
/// available value. These are corner cases.
.syntax unified
.weak target
.type target, %function
.global _start
/// adr r0, target
.inst.n 0xa0ff
.reloc 0, R_ARM_THM_PC8, target
/// ldr r0, target
.inst.n 0x48ff
.reloc 2, R_ARM_THM_PC8, target
// CHECK: 000200b4 <_start>:
// CHECK-NEXT: 200b4: adr r0, #0
// CHECK-NEXT: ldr r0, [pc, #0]