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The input files were tailored so that we end up with a resulting IPI stream
smaller than the TPI stream, which would previously trigger a crash with
RUN: rm -rf %t && mkdir %t
RUN: yaml2obj < %S/Inputs/precomp2.yaml -o %t\precomp2.obj
RUN: yaml2obj < %S/Inputs/precomp2-a.yaml -o %t\precomp2-a.obj
RUN: lld-link %t\precomp2-a.obj %t\precomp2.obj /nodefaultlib /noentry \
RUN: /dll /out:%t.dll /debug /summary | FileCheck %s -check-prefix SUMMARY
SUMMARY: Summary
SUMMARY-NEXT: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
SUMMARY-NEXT: 2 Input OBJ files (expanded from all cmd-line inputs)
SUMMARY-NEXT: 0 PDB type server dependencies
SUMMARY-NEXT: 1 Precomp OBJ dependencies
SUMMARY-NEXT: 8 Input type records
SUMMARY-NEXT: 232 Input type records bytes
SUMMARY-NEXT: 3 Merged TPI records
SUMMARY-NEXT: 2 Merged IPI records
SUMMARY-NEXT: 1 Output PDB strings
SUMMARY-NEXT: 0 Global symbol records
SUMMARY-NEXT: 4 Module symbol records
SUMMARY-NEXT: 0 Public symbol records