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#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
# See for license information.
# SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
set -e
PROGNAME="$(basename "${0}")"
function error() { printf "error: %s\n" "$*"; exit 1; }
function usage() {
cat <<EOF
${PROGNAME} [options]
[-h|--help] Display this help and exit.
--llvm-root <DIR> Path to the root of the LLVM monorepo. Only the libcxx
and libcxxabi directories are required.
--build-dir <DIR> Path to the directory to use for building. This will
contain intermediate build products.
--install-dir <DIR> Path to the directory to install the library to.
--symbols-dir <DIR> Path to the directory to install the .dSYM bundle to.
--sdk <SDK> SDK used for building the library. This represents
the target platform that the library will run on.
You can get a list of SDKs with \`xcodebuild -showsdks\`.
--architectures "<arch>..." A whitespace separated list of architectures to build for.
The library will be built for each architecture independently,
and a universal binary containing all architectures will be
created from that.
--version X[.Y[.Z]] The version of the library to encode in the dylib.
while [[ $# -gt 0 ]]; do
case ${1} in
exit 0
shift; shift
shift; shift
shift; shift
shift; shift
shift; shift
shift; shift
shift; shift
error "Unknown argument '${1}'"
for arg in llvm_root build_dir symbols_dir install_dir sdk architectures version; do
if [ -z ${!arg+x} ]; then
error "Missing required argument '--${arg//_/-}'"
elif [ "${!arg}" == "" ]; then
error "Argument to --${arg//_/-} must not be empty"
# Allow using relative paths
function realpath() {
if [[ $1 = /* ]]; then echo "$1"; else echo "$(pwd)/${1#./}"; fi
for arg in llvm_root build_dir symbols_dir install_dir; do
path="$(realpath "${!arg}")"
eval "${arg}=\"${path}\""
function step() {
separator="$(printf "%0.s-" $(seq 1 ${#1}))"
echo "${separator}"
echo "${1}"
echo "${separator}"
for arch in ${architectures}; do
step "Building libc++.dylib and libc++abi.dylib for architecture ${arch}"
mkdir -p "${build_dir}/${arch}"
(cd "${build_dir}/${arch}" &&
xcrun --sdk "${sdk}" cmake "${llvm_root}/runtimes" \
-GNinja \
-DCMAKE_MAKE_PROGRAM="$(xcrun --sdk "${sdk}" --find ninja)" \
-DLLVM_ENABLE_RUNTIMES="libcxx;libcxxabi" \
-C "${llvm_root}/libcxx/cmake/caches/Apple.cmake" \
-DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX="${build_dir}/${arch}-install" \
xcrun --sdk "${sdk}" cmake --build "${build_dir}/${arch}" --target install-cxx install-cxxabi -- -v
function universal_dylib() {
inputs=$(for arch in ${architectures}; do echo "${build_dir}/${arch}-install/lib/${dylib}"; done)
step "Creating a universal dylib ${dylib} from the dylibs for all architectures"
xcrun --sdk "${sdk}" lipo -create ${inputs} -output "${build_dir}/${dylib}"
step "Installing the (stripped) universal dylib to ${install_dir}/usr/lib"
mkdir -p "${install_dir}/usr/lib"
cp "${build_dir}/${dylib}" "${install_dir}/usr/lib/${dylib}"
xcrun --sdk "${sdk}" strip -S "${install_dir}/usr/lib/${dylib}"
step "Installing the unstripped dylib and the dSYM bundle to ${symbols_dir}"
xcrun --sdk "${sdk}" dsymutil "${build_dir}/${dylib}" -o "${symbols_dir}/${dylib}.dSYM"
cp "${build_dir}/${dylib}" "${symbols_dir}/${dylib}"
universal_dylib libc++.1.dylib
universal_dylib libc++abi.dylib
(cd "${install_dir}/usr/lib" && ln -s "libc++.1.dylib" libc++.dylib)
# Install the headers by copying the headers from one of the built architectures
# into the install directory. Headers from all architectures should be the same.
step "Installing the libc++ and libc++abi headers to ${install_dir}/usr/include"
any_arch=$(echo ${architectures} | cut -d ' ' -f 1)
mkdir -p "${install_dir}/usr/include"
ditto "${build_dir}/${any_arch}-install/include" "${install_dir}/usr/include"
ditto "${llvm_root}/libcxxabi/include" "${install_dir}/usr/include" # TODO: libcxxabi should install its headers in CMake
if [[ $EUID -eq 0 ]]; then # Only chown if we're running as root
chown -R root:wheel "${install_dir}/usr/include"
step "Installing the libc++ and libc++abi licenses"
mkdir -p "${install_dir}/usr/local/OpenSourceLicenses"
cp "${llvm_root}/libcxx/LICENSE.TXT" "${install_dir}/usr/local/OpenSourceLicenses/libcxx.txt"
cp "${llvm_root}/libcxxabi/LICENSE.TXT" "${install_dir}/usr/local/OpenSourceLicenses/libcxxabi.txt"
# Also install universal static archives for libc++ and libc++abi
libcxx_archives=$(for arch in ${architectures}; do echo "${build_dir}/${arch}-install/lib/libc++.a"; done)
libcxxabi_archives=$(for arch in ${architectures}; do echo "${build_dir}/${arch}-install/lib/libc++abi.a"; done)
step "Creating universal static archives for libc++ and libc++abi from the static archives for each architecture"
mkdir -p "${install_dir}/usr/local/lib/libcxx"
xcrun --sdk "${sdk}" libtool -static ${libcxx_archives} -o "${install_dir}/usr/local/lib/libcxx/libc++-static.a"
xcrun --sdk "${sdk}" libtool -static ${libcxxabi_archives} -o "${install_dir}/usr/local/lib/libcxx/libc++abi-static.a"