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! RUN: %python %S/ %s %flang_fc1
! Check for semantic errors in this_image() function calls
subroutine test
use, intrinsic :: iso_fortran_env, only: team_type
type(team_type) :: oregon, coteam[*]
integer :: coscalar[*], coarray(3)[*]
save :: coteam, coscalar, coarray
! correct calls, should produce no errors
print *, this_image()
print *, this_image(coarray)
print *, this_image(coscalar,1)
print *, this_image(coarray,1)
!ERROR: 'coarray=' argument must have corank > 0 for intrinsic 'this_image'
print *, this_image(array,1)
! TODO: More complete testing requires implementation of team_type
! actual arguments in flang/lib/Evaluate/intrinsics.cpp
end subroutine