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! RUN: %S/ %s %t %flang_fc1
! Test specification expressions
module m
type :: t(n)
integer, len :: n = 1
character(len=n) :: c
end type
integer function foo()
end function
pure real function realfunc(x)
real, intent(in) :: x
end function
pure integer function hasProcArg(p)
import realfunc
procedure(realfunc) :: p
end function
end interface
integer :: coarray[*]
pure integer function modulefunc1(n)
integer, value :: n
modulefunc1 = n
end function
subroutine test(out, optional)
!ERROR: Invalid specification expression: reference to impure function 'foo'
type(t(foo())) :: x1
integer :: local
!ERROR: Invalid specification expression: reference to local entity 'local'
type(t(local)) :: x2
!ERROR: The internal function 'internal' may not be referenced in a specification expression
type(t(internal(0))) :: x3
integer, intent(out) :: out
!ERROR: Invalid specification expression: reference to INTENT(OUT) dummy argument 'out'
type(t(out)) :: x4
integer, intent(in), optional :: optional
!ERROR: Invalid specification expression: reference to OPTIONAL dummy argument 'optional'
type(t(optional)) :: x5
!ERROR: Invalid specification expression: dummy procedure argument
type(t(hasProcArg(realfunc))) :: x6
!ERROR: Invalid specification expression: coindexed reference
type(t(coarray[1])) :: x7
type(t(kind(foo()))) :: x101 ! ok
type(t(modulefunc1(0))) :: x102 ! ok
type(t(modulefunc2(0))) :: x103 ! ok
pure integer function internal(n)
integer, value :: n
internal = n
end function
end subroutine
pure integer function modulefunc2(n)
integer, value :: n
modulefunc2 = n
end function
end module