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//===-- sanitizer_freebsd.h -------------------------------------*- C++ -*-===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
// This file is a part of Sanitizer runtime. It contains FreeBSD-specific
// definitions.
#include "sanitizer_internal_defs.h"
// x86-64 FreeBSD 9.2 and older define 'ucontext_t' incorrectly in
// 32-bit mode.
#include <osreldate.h>
#if __FreeBSD_version <= 902001 // v9.2
#include <link.h>
#include <sys/param.h>
#include <ucontext.h>
namespace __sanitizer {
typedef unsigned long long __xuint64_t;
typedef __int32_t __xregister_t;
typedef struct __xmcontext {
__xregister_t mc_onstack;
__xregister_t mc_gs;
__xregister_t mc_fs;
__xregister_t mc_es;
__xregister_t mc_ds;
__xregister_t mc_edi;
__xregister_t mc_esi;
__xregister_t mc_ebp;
__xregister_t mc_isp;
__xregister_t mc_ebx;
__xregister_t mc_edx;
__xregister_t mc_ecx;
__xregister_t mc_eax;
__xregister_t mc_trapno;
__xregister_t mc_err;
__xregister_t mc_eip;
__xregister_t mc_cs;
__xregister_t mc_eflags;
__xregister_t mc_esp;
__xregister_t mc_ss;
int mc_len;
int mc_fpformat;
int mc_ownedfp;
__xregister_t mc_flags;
int mc_fpstate[128] __aligned(16);
__xregister_t mc_fsbase;
__xregister_t mc_gsbase;
__xregister_t mc_xfpustate;
__xregister_t mc_xfpustate_len;
int mc_spare2[4];
} xmcontext_t;
typedef struct __xucontext {
sigset_t uc_sigmask;
xmcontext_t uc_mcontext;
struct __ucontext *uc_link;
stack_t uc_stack;
int uc_flags;
int __spare__[4];
} xucontext_t;
struct xkinfo_vmentry {
int kve_structsize;
int kve_type;
__xuint64_t kve_start;
__xuint64_t kve_end;
__xuint64_t kve_offset;
__xuint64_t kve_vn_fileid;
__uint32_t kve_vn_fsid;
int kve_flags;
int kve_resident;
int kve_private_resident;
int kve_protection;
int kve_ref_count;
int kve_shadow_count;
int kve_vn_type;
__xuint64_t kve_vn_size;
__uint32_t kve_vn_rdev;
__uint16_t kve_vn_mode;
__uint16_t kve_status;
int _kve_ispare[12];
char kve_path[PATH_MAX];
typedef struct {
__uint32_t p_type;
__uint32_t p_offset;
__uint32_t p_vaddr;
__uint32_t p_paddr;
__uint32_t p_filesz;
__uint32_t p_memsz;
__uint32_t p_flags;
__uint32_t p_align;
} XElf32_Phdr;
struct xdl_phdr_info {
Elf_Addr dlpi_addr;
const char *dlpi_name;
const XElf32_Phdr *dlpi_phdr;
Elf_Half dlpi_phnum;
unsigned long long int dlpi_adds;
unsigned long long int dlpi_subs;
size_t dlpi_tls_modid;
void *dlpi_tls_data;
typedef int (*__xdl_iterate_hdr_callback)(struct xdl_phdr_info *, size_t,
void *);
typedef int xdl_iterate_phdr_t(__xdl_iterate_hdr_callback, void *);
#define xdl_iterate_phdr(callback, param) \
(((xdl_iterate_phdr_t *)dl_iterate_phdr)((callback), (param)))
} // namespace __sanitizer
#endif // __FreeBSD_version <= 902001