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//===-- - Affine pass definition file ------------*- tablegen -*-===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
// This file contains definitions for passes within the Affine/ directory.
include "mlir/Pass/"
def AffineDataCopyGeneration : FunctionPass<"affine-data-copy-generate"> {
let summary = "Generate explicit copying for affine memory operations";
let constructor = "mlir::createAffineDataCopyGenerationPass()";
let dependentDialects = ["memref::MemRefDialect"];
let options = [
Option<"fastMemoryCapacity", "fast-mem-capacity", "uint64_t",
"Set fast memory space capacity in KiB (default: unlimited)">,
Option<"fastMemorySpace", "fast-mem-space", "unsigned",
"Fast memory space identifier for copy generation (default: 1)">,
Option<"generateDma", "generate-dma", "bool",
/*default=*/"true", "Generate DMA instead of point-wise copy">,
Option<"minDmaTransferSize", "min-dma-transfer", "int",
"Minimum DMA transfer size supported by the target in bytes">,
Option<"slowMemorySpace", "slow-mem-space", "unsigned",
"Slow memory space identifier for copy generation (default: 0)">,
Option<"skipNonUnitStrideLoops", "skip-non-unit-stride-loops", "bool",
/*default=*/"false", "Testing purposes: avoid non-unit stride loop "
"choice depths for copy placement">,
Option<"tagMemorySpace", "tag-mem-space", "unsigned",
"Tag memory space identifier for copy generation (default: 0)">,
def AffineLoopInvariantCodeMotion
: FunctionPass<"affine-loop-invariant-code-motion"> {
let summary = "Hoist loop invariant instructions outside of affine loops";
let constructor = "mlir::createAffineLoopInvariantCodeMotionPass()";
def AffineLoopTiling : FunctionPass<"affine-loop-tile"> {
let summary = "Tile affine loop nests";
let constructor = "mlir::createLoopTilingPass()";
let options = [
Option<"cacheSizeInKiB", "cache-size", "uint64_t", /*default=*/"512",
"Set size of cache to tile for in KiB">,
Option<"separate", "separate", "bool", /*default=*/"",
"Separate full and partial tiles">,
Option<"tileSize", "tile-size", "unsigned", /*default=*/"",
"Use this tile size for all loops">,
ListOption<"tileSizes", "tile-sizes", "unsigned",
"List of tile sizes for each perfect nest "
"(overridden by -tile-size)",
def AffineLoopUnroll : FunctionPass<"affine-loop-unroll"> {
let summary = "Unroll affine loops";
let constructor = "mlir::createLoopUnrollPass()";
let options = [
Option<"unrollFactor", "unroll-factor", "unsigned", /*default=*/"4",
"Use this unroll factor for all loops being unrolled">,
Option<"unrollUpToFactor", "unroll-up-to-factor", "bool",
/*default=*/"false", "Allow unrolling up to the factor specified">,
Option<"unrollFull", "unroll-full", "bool", /*default=*/"false",
"Fully unroll loops">,
Option<"numRepetitions", "unroll-num-reps", "unsigned", /*default=*/"1",
"Unroll innermost loops repeatedly this many times">,
Option<"unrollFullThreshold", "unroll-full-threshold", "unsigned",
"Unroll all loops with trip count less than or equal to this">,
def AffineLoopUnrollAndJam : FunctionPass<"affine-loop-unroll-jam"> {
let summary = "Unroll and jam affine loops";
let constructor = "mlir::createLoopUnrollAndJamPass()";
let options = [
Option<"unrollJamFactor", "unroll-jam-factor", "unsigned",
"Use this unroll jam factor for all loops (default 4)">,
def AffineScalarReplacement : FunctionPass<"affine-scalrep"> {
let summary = "Replace affine memref acceses by scalars by forwarding stores "
"to loads and eliminating redundant loads";
let description = [{
This pass performs store to load forwarding and redundant load elimination
for affine memref accesses and potentially eliminates the entire memref
if all its accesses are forwarded.
func @store_load_affine_apply() -> memref<10x10xf32> {
%cf7 = arith.constant 7.0 : f32
%m = alloc() : memref<10x10xf32>
affine.for %i0 = 0 to 10 {
affine.for %i1 = 0 to 10 { %cf7, %m[%i0, %i1] : memref<10x10xf32>
%v0 = affine.load %m[%i0, %i1] : memref<10x10xf32>
%v1 = arith.addf %v0, %v0 : f32
return %m : memref<10x10xf32>
module {
func @store_load_affine_apply() -> memref<10x10xf32> {
%cst = arith.constant 7.000000e+00 : f32
%0 = alloc() : memref<10x10xf32>
affine.for %arg0 = 0 to 10 {
affine.for %arg1 = 0 to 10 { %cst, %0[%arg0, %arg1] : memref<10x10xf32>
%1 = arith.addf %cst, %cst : f32
return %0 : memref<10x10xf32>
let constructor = "mlir::createAffineScalarReplacementPass()";
def AffineVectorize : FunctionPass<"affine-super-vectorize"> {
let summary = "Vectorize to a target independent n-D vector abstraction";
let constructor = "mlir::createSuperVectorizePass()";
let dependentDialects = ["vector::VectorDialect"];
let options = [
ListOption<"vectorSizes", "virtual-vector-size", "int64_t",
"Specify an n-D virtual vector size for vectorization",
"llvm::cl::ZeroOrMore, llvm::cl::MiscFlags::CommaSeparated">,
// Optionally, the fixed mapping from loop to fastest varying MemRef
// dimension for all the MemRefs within a loop pattern:
// the index represents the loop depth, the value represents the k^th
// fastest varying memory dimension.
// This is voluntarily restrictive and is meant to precisely target a
// particular loop/op pair, for testing purposes.
ListOption<"fastestVaryingPattern", "test-fastest-varying", "int64_t",
"Specify a 1-D, 2-D or 3-D pattern of fastest varying memory "
"dimensions to match. See defaultPatterns in Vectorize.cpp for "
"a description and examples. This is used for testing purposes",
"llvm::cl::ZeroOrMore, llvm::cl::MiscFlags::CommaSeparated">,
Option<"vectorizeReductions", "vectorize-reductions", "bool",
"Vectorize known reductions expressed via iter_args. "
"Switched off by default.">
def AffineParallelize : FunctionPass<"affine-parallelize"> {
let summary = "Convert affine.for ops into 1-D affine.parallel";
let constructor = "mlir::createAffineParallelizePass()";
let options = [
Option<"maxNested", "max-nested", "unsigned", /*default=*/"-1u",
"Maximum number of nested parallel loops to produce. "
"Defaults to unlimited (UINT_MAX).">,
Option<"parallelReductions", "parallel-reductions", "bool",
"Whether to parallelize reduction loops. Defaults to false.">
def AffineLoopNormalize : FunctionPass<"affine-loop-normalize"> {
let summary = "Apply normalization transformations to affine loop-like ops";
let constructor = "mlir::createAffineLoopNormalizePass()";
def SimplifyAffineStructures : FunctionPass<"simplify-affine-structures"> {
let summary = "Simplify affine expressions in maps/sets and normalize "
let constructor = "mlir::createSimplifyAffineStructuresPass()";