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import os
import platform
import subprocess
import sys
import itertools
import lldbsuite.test.lldbtest as lldbtest
import lldbsuite.test.lldbutil as lldbutil
from lldbsuite.test import configuration
from lldbsuite.test_event import build_exception
class Builder:
def getArchitecture(self):
"""Returns the architecture in effect the test suite is running with."""
return configuration.arch if configuration.arch else ""
def getCompiler(self):
"""Returns the compiler in effect the test suite is running with."""
compiler = configuration.compiler if configuration.compiler else "clang"
compiler = lldbutil.which(compiler)
return os.path.abspath(compiler)
def getTriple(self, arch):
"""Returns the triple for the given architecture or None."""
return None
def getExtraMakeArgs(self):
Helper function to return extra argumentsfor the make system. This
method is meant to be overridden by platform specific builders.
return []
def getArchCFlags(self, architecture):
"""Returns the ARCH_CFLAGS for the make system."""
return []
def getMake(self, test_subdir, test_name):
"""Returns the invocation for GNU make.
The first argument is a tuple of the relative path to the testcase
and its filename stem."""
if platform.system() == "FreeBSD" or platform.system() == "NetBSD":
make = "gmake"
make = "make"
# Construct the base make invocation.
lldb_test = os.environ["LLDB_TEST"]
if not (lldb_test and configuration.test_build_dir and test_subdir
and test_name and (not os.path.isabs(test_subdir))):
raise Exception("Could not derive test directories")
build_dir = os.path.join(configuration.test_build_dir, test_subdir,
src_dir = os.path.join(configuration.test_src_root, test_subdir)
# This is a bit of a hack to make inline testcases work.
makefile = os.path.join(src_dir, "Makefile")
if not os.path.isfile(makefile):
makefile = os.path.join(build_dir, "Makefile")
return [
make, "VPATH=" + src_dir, "-C", build_dir, "-I", src_dir, "-I",
os.path.join(lldb_test, "make"), "-f", makefile
def getCmdLine(self, d):
Helper function to return a command line argument string used for the
make system.
# If d is None or an empty mapping, just return an empty list.
if not d:
return []
def setOrAppendVariable(k, v):
append_vars = ["CFLAGS", "CFLAGS_EXTRAS", "LD_EXTRAS"]
if k in append_vars and k in os.environ:
v = os.environ[k] + " " + v
return '%s=%s' % (k, v)
cmdline = [setOrAppendVariable(k, v) for k, v in list(d.items())]
return cmdline
def getArchSpec(self, architecture):
Helper function to return the key-value string to specify the architecture
used for the make system.
return ["ARCH=" + architecture] if architecture else []
def getCCSpec(self, compiler):
Helper function to return the key-value string to specify the compiler
used for the make system.
cc = compiler if compiler else None
if not cc and configuration.compiler:
cc = configuration.compiler
if cc:
return ["CC=\"%s\"" % cc]
return []
def getSDKRootSpec(self):
Helper function to return the key-value string to specify the SDK root
used for the make system.
if configuration.sdkroot:
return ["SDKROOT={}".format(configuration.sdkroot)]
return []
def getModuleCacheSpec(self):
Helper function to return the key-value string to specify the clang
module cache used for the make system.
if configuration.clang_module_cache_dir:
return ["CLANG_MODULE_CACHE_DIR={}".format(
return []
def _getDebugInfoArgs(self, debug_info):
if debug_info is None:
return []
if debug_info == "dwarf":
return ["MAKE_DSYM=NO"]
if debug_info == "dwo":
if debug_info == "gmodules":
return None
def getBuildCommand(self, debug_info, architecture=None, compiler=None,
dictionary=None, testdir=None, testname=None):
debug_info_args = self._getDebugInfoArgs(debug_info)
if debug_info_args is None:
return None
command_parts = [
self.getMake(testdir, testname), debug_info_args, ["all"],
self.getArchCFlags(architecture), self.getArchSpec(architecture),
self.getCCSpec(compiler), self.getExtraMakeArgs(),
self.getSDKRootSpec(), self.getModuleCacheSpec(),
command = list(itertools.chain(*command_parts))
return command
def cleanup(self, dictionary=None):
"""Perform a platform-specific cleanup after the test."""
return True