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//===--- VE.h - Declare VE target feature support ---------------*- C++ -*-===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
// This file declares VE TargetInfo objects.
#include "clang/Basic/TargetInfo.h"
#include "clang/Basic/TargetOptions.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/Triple.h"
#include "llvm/Support/Compiler.h"
namespace clang {
namespace targets {
class LLVM_LIBRARY_VISIBILITY VETargetInfo : public TargetInfo {
static const Builtin::Info BuiltinInfo[];
VETargetInfo(const llvm::Triple &Triple, const TargetOptions &)
: TargetInfo(Triple) {
NoAsmVariants = true;
LongDoubleWidth = 128;
LongDoubleAlign = 128;
LongDoubleFormat = &llvm::APFloat::IEEEquad();
DoubleAlign = LongLongAlign = 64;
SuitableAlign = 64;
LongWidth = LongAlign = PointerWidth = PointerAlign = 64;
SizeType = UnsignedLong;
PtrDiffType = SignedLong;
IntPtrType = SignedLong;
IntMaxType = SignedLong;
Int64Type = SignedLong;
RegParmMax = 8;
MaxAtomicPromoteWidth = MaxAtomicInlineWidth = 64;
WCharType = UnsignedInt;
WIntType = UnsignedInt;
UseZeroLengthBitfieldAlignment = true;
void getTargetDefines(const LangOptions &Opts,
MacroBuilder &Builder) const override;
bool hasSjLjLowering() const override { return true; }
ArrayRef<Builtin::Info> getTargetBuiltins() const override;
BuiltinVaListKind getBuiltinVaListKind() const override {
return TargetInfo::VoidPtrBuiltinVaList;
CallingConvCheckResult checkCallingConvention(CallingConv CC) const override {
switch (CC) {
return CCCR_Warning;
case CC_C:
return CCCR_OK;
const char *getClobbers() const override { return ""; }
ArrayRef<const char *> getGCCRegNames() const override {
static const char *const GCCRegNames[] = {
// Regular registers
"sx0", "sx1", "sx2", "sx3", "sx4", "sx5", "sx6", "sx7",
"sx8", "sx9", "sx10", "sx11", "sx12", "sx13", "sx14", "sx15",
"sx16", "sx17", "sx18", "sx19", "sx20", "sx21", "sx22", "sx23",
"sx24", "sx25", "sx26", "sx27", "sx28", "sx29", "sx30", "sx31",
"sx32", "sx33", "sx34", "sx35", "sx36", "sx37", "sx38", "sx39",
"sx40", "sx41", "sx42", "sx43", "sx44", "sx45", "sx46", "sx47",
"sx48", "sx49", "sx50", "sx51", "sx52", "sx53", "sx54", "sx55",
"sx56", "sx57", "sx58", "sx59", "sx60", "sx61", "sx62", "sx63",
return llvm::makeArrayRef(GCCRegNames);
ArrayRef<TargetInfo::GCCRegAlias> getGCCRegAliases() const override {
static const TargetInfo::GCCRegAlias GCCRegAliases[] = {
{{"s0"}, "sx0"},
{{"s1"}, "sx1"},
{{"s2"}, "sx2"},
{{"s3"}, "sx3"},
{{"s4"}, "sx4"},
{{"s5"}, "sx5"},
{{"s6"}, "sx6"},
{{"s7"}, "sx7"},
{{"s8", "sl"}, "sx8"},
{{"s9", "fp"}, "sx9"},
{{"s10", "lr"}, "sx10"},
{{"s11", "sp"}, "sx11"},
{{"s12", "outer"}, "sx12"},
{{"s13"}, "sx13"},
{{"s14", "tp"}, "sx14"},
{{"s15", "got"}, "sx15"},
{{"s16", "plt"}, "sx16"},
{{"s17", "info"}, "sx17"},
{{"s18"}, "sx18"},
{{"s19"}, "sx19"},
{{"s20"}, "sx20"},
{{"s21"}, "sx21"},
{{"s22"}, "sx22"},
{{"s23"}, "sx23"},
{{"s24"}, "sx24"},
{{"s25"}, "sx25"},
{{"s26"}, "sx26"},
{{"s27"}, "sx27"},
{{"s28"}, "sx28"},
{{"s29"}, "sx29"},
{{"s30"}, "sx30"},
{{"s31"}, "sx31"},
{{"s32"}, "sx32"},
{{"s33"}, "sx33"},
{{"s34"}, "sx34"},
{{"s35"}, "sx35"},
{{"s36"}, "sx36"},
{{"s37"}, "sx37"},
{{"s38"}, "sx38"},
{{"s39"}, "sx39"},
{{"s40"}, "sx40"},
{{"s41"}, "sx41"},
{{"s42"}, "sx42"},
{{"s43"}, "sx43"},
{{"s44"}, "sx44"},
{{"s45"}, "sx45"},
{{"s46"}, "sx46"},
{{"s47"}, "sx47"},
{{"s48"}, "sx48"},
{{"s49"}, "sx49"},
{{"s50"}, "sx50"},
{{"s51"}, "sx51"},
{{"s52"}, "sx52"},
{{"s53"}, "sx53"},
{{"s54"}, "sx54"},
{{"s55"}, "sx55"},
{{"s56"}, "sx56"},
{{"s57"}, "sx57"},
{{"s58"}, "sx58"},
{{"s59"}, "sx59"},
{{"s60"}, "sx60"},
{{"s61"}, "sx61"},
{{"s62"}, "sx62"},
{{"s63"}, "sx63"},
return llvm::makeArrayRef(GCCRegAliases);
bool validateAsmConstraint(const char *&Name,
TargetInfo::ConstraintInfo &Info) const override {
switch (*Name) {
return false;
case 'v':
return true;
return false;
bool allowsLargerPreferedTypeAlignment() const override { return false; }
} // namespace targets
} // namespace clang