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Release Notes 14.0 (upcoming)
In Polly 14 the following important changes have been incorporated.
.. warning::
These release notes are for the next release of Polly and describe
the new features that have recently been committed to our development
- The command line option -polly-opt-fusion has been removed. What the
flag does was frequently misunderstood and is rarely useful. However,
the functionality is still accessible using
.. code-block:: console
- The command line option -polly-loopfusion-greedy has been added.
This will agressively try to fuse any loop regardless of
profitability. The is what users might have expected what
-polly-opt-fusion=max would do.
- Support for gfortran-generated code has been removed. This includes
Fortran Array Descriptors (-polly-detect-fortran-arrays) and the
-polly-rewrite-byref-params pass.