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## Test that yaml2obj emits an error message if we specify the DWARF section
## contents both in the 'DWARF' entry and in the 'content'.
# RUN: not yaml2obj %s 2>&1 | FileCheck %s --check-prefix=CONFLICT
# CONFLICT: yaml2obj: error: cannot specify section '__debug_str' contents in the 'DWARF' entry and the 'content' at the same time
--- !mach-o
magic: 0xFEEDFACF
cputype: 0x01000007
cpusubtype: 0x00000003
filetype: 0x0000000A
ncmds: 1
sizeofcmds: 232
flags: 0x00000000
reserved: 0x00000000
- cmd: LC_SEGMENT_64
cmdsize: 152
segname: __DWARF
vmaddr: 0x00
vmsize: 0x00
fileoff: 0x00
filesize: 0x00
maxprot: 0
initprot: 0
nsects: 1
flags: 0
- sectname: __debug_str
segname: __DWARF
addr: 0x00
size: 12
offset: 528
align: 0
reloff: 0x00000000
nreloc: 0
flags: 0x00000000
reserved1: 0x00000000
reserved2: 0x00000000
reserved3: 0x00000000
content: 1234
debug_str: [ a, abc ]