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#===- - Generate C API export file -------*- python -*--===#
# Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
# See for license information.
# SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
# Generate an export file from a list of given LIB files. This only exports symbols
# that start with LLVM, so it only exports the LLVM C API.
# To have CMake run this, set LLVM_BUILD_LLVM_C_DYLIB to on while
# building on Windows.
# To run manually, build LLVM with Visual Studio, use a Command prompt
# to navigate to the directory with the .lib files (Debug\lib etc). Then run
# python C:\Path\To\ --nm ..\bin\llvm-nm.exe LLVM*.lib
# If you're generating a 32 bit DLL, use the `--underscore` flag.
# If you want to use a different `llvm-nm` executable, pass the path
# with the `--nm` flag.
# You can use the --output flag to set the name of the export file.
from tempfile import mkstemp
from contextlib import contextmanager
from subprocess import check_call
import argparse
import os
import re
False: re.compile(r"^\w+\s+T\s+(LLVM.*)$"),
True: re.compile(r"^\w+\s+T\s+_(LLVM.*)$")
def removing(path):
yield path
def touch_tempfile(*args, **kwargs):
fd, name = mkstemp(*args, **kwargs)
return name
def gen_llvm_c_export(output, underscore, libs, nm):
"""Generate the export file for the LLVM-C DLL.
Run `nm` for each lib in `libs`, and output an export file
to `output`. If `underscore` is true, symbols will
be assumed to be prefixed with an underscore.
with removing(touch_tempfile(prefix='dumpout', suffix='.txt')) as dumpout:
# Get the right regex.
p = _UNDERSCORE_REGEX[underscore]
with open(output, 'w+t') as output_f:
# For each lib get the LLVM* functions it exports.
for lib in libs:
# Call dumpbin.
with open(dumpout, 'w+t') as dumpout_f:
check_call([nm, '-g', lib], stdout=dumpout_f)
# Get the matching lines.
with open(dumpout) as dumpbin:
for line in dumpbin:
m = p.match(line)
if m is not None:
output_f.write( + '\n')
def main():
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser('gen-msvc-exports')
'-i', '--libsfile', help='file with list of libs, new line separated',
action='store', default=None
'-o', '--output', help='output filename', default='LLVM-C.exports'
parser.add_argument('-u', '--underscore',
help='labels are prefixed with an underscore (use for 32 bit DLLs)',
'--nm', help='path to the llvm-nm executable', default='llvm-nm'
'libs', metavar='LIBS', nargs='*', help='list of libraries to generate export from'
ns = parser.parse_args()
libs = ns.libs
# Add if we where given a libsfile add it to the libs.
if ns.libsfile:
with open(ns.libsfile) as f:
gen_llvm_c_export(ns.output, ns.underscore, libs, ns.nm)
if __name__ == '__main__':