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include "llvm/Option/"
multiclass Long<string name, string help> {
def NAME: Separate<["--"], name>;
def NAME # _eq: Joined<["--"], name # "=">, Alias<!cast<Separate>(NAME)>,
multiclass LongAlias<string name, Option orig> {
def NAME: Separate<["--"], name>, Alias<orig>;
def NAME # _eq: Joined<["--"], name # "=">, Alias<orig>;
multiclass LongShort<string short, string long, string help> {
def NAME: Separate<["--"], long>;
def NAME # _eq: Joined<["--"], long # "=">, Alias<!cast<Separate>(NAME)>,
def NAME # _short: JoinedOrSeparate<["-"], short>, Alias<!cast<Separate>(NAME)>;
multiclass F<string short, string long, string help> {
def NAME: Flag<["-"], short>;
def NAME # _long: Flag<["--"], long>, Alias<!cast<Flag>(NAME)>,
defm input : LongShort<"i", "input", "Input file">;
defm output : LongShort<"o", "output", "Output file">;
defm input_format : LongShort<"J", "input-format", "Input format">;
defm output_format : LongShort<"O", "output-format", "Output format">;
defm preprocessor : Long<"preprocessor", "Custom preprocessor command">;
defm preprocessor_arg : Long<"preprocessor-arg", "Preprocessor command argument">;
defm target : LongShort<"F", "target", "Target BFD format name">;
defm include_dir : LongShort<"I", "include-dir", "Include directory">;
defm include_alias : LongAlias<"include", include_dir>;
defm define : LongShort<"D", "define", "Define to pass to the preprocessor">;
defm undef : LongShort<"U", "undefine", "Undefine to pass to the preprocessor">;
defm codepage : LongShort<"c", "codepage", "Default codepage to use">;
defm language : LongShort<"l", "language", "Default language to use (0x0-0xffff)">;
defm verbose : F<"v", "verbose", "Enable verbose output">;
defm version : F<"V", "version", "Display version">;
defm help : F<"h", "help", "Display this message and exit">;
// Print (but do not run) the commands to run for preprocessing
def _HASH_HASH_HASH : Flag<["-"], "###">;
def no_preprocess : Flag<["--"], "no-preprocess">;
// Unimplemented options for compatibility
def use_temp_file: Flag<["--"], "use-temp-file">;