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//==- - Floating-point SystemZ instructions -*- tblgen-*-==//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
// The instructions in this file implement SystemZ hexadecimal floating-point
// arithmetic. Since this format is not mapped to any source-language data
// type, these instructions are not used for code generation, but are provided
// for use with the assembler and disassembler only.
// Move instructions
// Load and test.
let Defs = [CC] in {
def LTER : UnaryRR <"lter", 0x32, null_frag, FP32, FP32>;
def LTDR : UnaryRR <"ltdr", 0x22, null_frag, FP64, FP64>;
def LTXR : UnaryRRE<"ltxr", 0xB362, null_frag, FP128, FP128>;
// Conversion instructions
// Convert floating-point values to narrower representations.
def LEDR : UnaryRR <"ledr", 0x35, null_frag, FP32, FP64>;
def LEXR : UnaryRRE<"lexr", 0xB366, null_frag, FP32, FP128>;
def LDXR : UnaryRR <"ldxr", 0x25, null_frag, FP64, FP128>;
let isAsmParserOnly = 1 in {
def LRER : UnaryRR <"lrer", 0x35, null_frag, FP32, FP64>;
def LRDR : UnaryRR <"lrdr", 0x25, null_frag, FP64, FP128>;
// Extend floating-point values to wider representations.
def LDER : UnaryRRE<"lder", 0xB324, null_frag, FP64, FP32>;
def LXER : UnaryRRE<"lxer", 0xB326, null_frag, FP128, FP32>;
def LXDR : UnaryRRE<"lxdr", 0xB325, null_frag, FP128, FP64>;
def LDE : UnaryRXE<"lde", 0xED24, null_frag, FP64, 4>;
def LXE : UnaryRXE<"lxe", 0xED26, null_frag, FP128, 4>;
def LXD : UnaryRXE<"lxd", 0xED25, null_frag, FP128, 8>;
// Convert a signed integer register value to a floating-point one.
def CEFR : UnaryRRE<"cefr", 0xB3B4, null_frag, FP32, GR32>;
def CDFR : UnaryRRE<"cdfr", 0xB3B5, null_frag, FP64, GR32>;
def CXFR : UnaryRRE<"cxfr", 0xB3B6, null_frag, FP128, GR32>;
def CEGR : UnaryRRE<"cegr", 0xB3C4, null_frag, FP32, GR64>;
def CDGR : UnaryRRE<"cdgr", 0xB3C5, null_frag, FP64, GR64>;
def CXGR : UnaryRRE<"cxgr", 0xB3C6, null_frag, FP128, GR64>;
// Convert a floating-point register value to a signed integer value,
// with the second operand (modifier M3) specifying the rounding mode.
let Defs = [CC] in {
def CFER : BinaryRRFe<"cfer", 0xB3B8, GR32, FP32>;
def CFDR : BinaryRRFe<"cfdr", 0xB3B9, GR32, FP64>;
def CFXR : BinaryRRFe<"cfxr", 0xB3BA, GR32, FP128>;
def CGER : BinaryRRFe<"cger", 0xB3C8, GR64, FP32>;
def CGDR : BinaryRRFe<"cgdr", 0xB3C9, GR64, FP64>;
def CGXR : BinaryRRFe<"cgxr", 0xB3CA, GR64, FP128>;
// Convert BFP to HFP.
let Defs = [CC] in {
def THDER : UnaryRRE<"thder", 0xB358, null_frag, FP64, FP32>;
def THDR : UnaryRRE<"thdr", 0xB359, null_frag, FP64, FP64>;
// Convert HFP to BFP.
let Defs = [CC] in {
def TBEDR : BinaryRRFe<"tbedr", 0xB350, FP32, FP64>;
def TBDR : BinaryRRFe<"tbdr", 0xB351, FP64, FP64>;
// Unary arithmetic
// Negation (Load Complement).
let Defs = [CC] in {
def LCER : UnaryRR <"lcer", 0x33, null_frag, FP32, FP32>;
def LCDR : UnaryRR <"lcdr", 0x23, null_frag, FP64, FP64>;
def LCXR : UnaryRRE<"lcxr", 0xB363, null_frag, FP128, FP128>;
// Absolute value (Load Positive).
let Defs = [CC] in {
def LPER : UnaryRR <"lper", 0x30, null_frag, FP32, FP32>;
def LPDR : UnaryRR <"lpdr", 0x20, null_frag, FP64, FP64>;
def LPXR : UnaryRRE<"lpxr", 0xB360, null_frag, FP128, FP128>;
// Negative absolute value (Load Negative).
let Defs = [CC] in {
def LNER : UnaryRR <"lner", 0x31, null_frag, FP32, FP32>;
def LNDR : UnaryRR <"lndr", 0x21, null_frag, FP64, FP64>;
def LNXR : UnaryRRE<"lnxr", 0xB361, null_frag, FP128, FP128>;
// Halve.
def HER : UnaryRR <"her", 0x34, null_frag, FP32, FP32>;
def HDR : UnaryRR <"hdr", 0x24, null_frag, FP64, FP64>;
// Square root.
def SQER : UnaryRRE<"sqer", 0xB245, null_frag, FP32, FP32>;
def SQDR : UnaryRRE<"sqdr", 0xB244, null_frag, FP64, FP64>;
def SQXR : UnaryRRE<"sqxr", 0xB336, null_frag, FP128, FP128>;
def SQE : UnaryRXE<"sqe", 0xED34, null_frag, FP32, 4>;
def SQD : UnaryRXE<"sqd", 0xED35, null_frag, FP64, 8>;
// Round to an integer (rounding towards zero).
def FIER : UnaryRRE<"fier", 0xB377, null_frag, FP32, FP32>;
def FIDR : UnaryRRE<"fidr", 0xB37F, null_frag, FP64, FP64>;
def FIXR : UnaryRRE<"fixr", 0xB367, null_frag, FP128, FP128>;
// Binary arithmetic
// Addition.
let Defs = [CC] in {
let isCommutable = 1 in {
def AER : BinaryRR<"aer", 0x3A, null_frag, FP32, FP32>;
def ADR : BinaryRR<"adr", 0x2A, null_frag, FP64, FP64>;
def AXR : BinaryRR<"axr", 0x36, null_frag, FP128, FP128>;
def AE : BinaryRX<"ae", 0x7A, null_frag, FP32, load, 4>;
def AD : BinaryRX<"ad", 0x6A, null_frag, FP64, load, 8>;
// Addition (unnormalized).
let Defs = [CC] in {
let isCommutable = 1 in {
def AUR : BinaryRR<"aur", 0x3E, null_frag, FP32, FP32>;
def AWR : BinaryRR<"awr", 0x2E, null_frag, FP64, FP64>;
def AU : BinaryRX<"au", 0x7E, null_frag, FP32, load, 4>;
def AW : BinaryRX<"aw", 0x6E, null_frag, FP64, load, 8>;
// Subtraction.
let Defs = [CC] in {
def SER : BinaryRR<"ser", 0x3B, null_frag, FP32, FP32>;
def SDR : BinaryRR<"sdr", 0x2B, null_frag, FP64, FP64>;
def SXR : BinaryRR<"sxr", 0x37, null_frag, FP128, FP128>;
def SE : BinaryRX<"se", 0x7B, null_frag, FP32, load, 4>;
def SD : BinaryRX<"sd", 0x6B, null_frag, FP64, load, 8>;
// Subtraction (unnormalized).
let Defs = [CC] in {
def SUR : BinaryRR<"sur", 0x3F, null_frag, FP32, FP32>;
def SWR : BinaryRR<"swr", 0x2F, null_frag, FP64, FP64>;
def SU : BinaryRX<"su", 0x7F, null_frag, FP32, load, 4>;
def SW : BinaryRX<"sw", 0x6F, null_frag, FP64, load, 8>;
// Multiplication.
let isCommutable = 1 in {
def MEER : BinaryRRE<"meer", 0xB337, null_frag, FP32, FP32>;
def MDR : BinaryRR <"mdr", 0x2C, null_frag, FP64, FP64>;
def MXR : BinaryRR <"mxr", 0x26, null_frag, FP128, FP128>;
def MEE : BinaryRXE<"mee", 0xED37, null_frag, FP32, load, 4>;
def MD : BinaryRX <"md", 0x6C, null_frag, FP64, load, 8>;
// Extending multiplication (f32 x f32 -> f64).
def MDER : BinaryRR<"mder", 0x3C, null_frag, FP64, FP32>;
def MDE : BinaryRX<"mde", 0x7C, null_frag, FP64, load, 4>;
let isAsmParserOnly = 1 in {
def MER : BinaryRR<"mer", 0x3C, null_frag, FP64, FP32>;
def ME : BinaryRX<"me", 0x7C, null_frag, FP64, load, 4>;
// Extending multiplication (f64 x f64 -> f128).
def MXDR : BinaryRR<"mxdr", 0x27, null_frag, FP128, FP64>;
def MXD : BinaryRX<"mxd", 0x67, null_frag, FP128, load, 8>;
// Fused multiply-add.
def MAER : TernaryRRD<"maer", 0xB32E, null_frag, FP32, FP32>;
def MADR : TernaryRRD<"madr", 0xB33E, null_frag, FP64, FP64>;
def MAE : TernaryRXF<"mae", 0xED2E, null_frag, FP32, FP32, load, 4>;
def MAD : TernaryRXF<"mad", 0xED3E, null_frag, FP64, FP64, load, 8>;
// Fused multiply-subtract.
def MSER : TernaryRRD<"mser", 0xB32F, null_frag, FP32, FP32>;
def MSDR : TernaryRRD<"msdr", 0xB33F, null_frag, FP64, FP64>;
def MSE : TernaryRXF<"mse", 0xED2F, null_frag, FP32, FP32, load, 4>;
def MSD : TernaryRXF<"msd", 0xED3F, null_frag, FP64, FP64, load, 8>;
// Multiplication (unnormalized).
def MYR : BinaryRRD<"myr", 0xB33B, null_frag, FP128, FP64>;
def MYHR : BinaryRRD<"myhr", 0xB33D, null_frag, FP64, FP64>;
def MYLR : BinaryRRD<"mylr", 0xB339, null_frag, FP64, FP64>;
def MY : BinaryRXF<"my", 0xED3B, null_frag, FP128, FP64, load, 8>;
def MYH : BinaryRXF<"myh", 0xED3D, null_frag, FP64, FP64, load, 8>;
def MYL : BinaryRXF<"myl", 0xED39, null_frag, FP64, FP64, load, 8>;
// Fused multiply-add (unnormalized).
def MAYR : TernaryRRD<"mayr", 0xB33A, null_frag, FP128, FP64>;
def MAYHR : TernaryRRD<"mayhr", 0xB33C, null_frag, FP64, FP64>;
def MAYLR : TernaryRRD<"maylr", 0xB338, null_frag, FP64, FP64>;
def MAY : TernaryRXF<"may", 0xED3A, null_frag, FP128, FP64, load, 8>;
def MAYH : TernaryRXF<"mayh", 0xED3C, null_frag, FP64, FP64, load, 8>;
def MAYL : TernaryRXF<"mayl", 0xED38, null_frag, FP64, FP64, load, 8>;
// Division.
def DER : BinaryRR <"der", 0x3D, null_frag, FP32, FP32>;
def DDR : BinaryRR <"ddr", 0x2D, null_frag, FP64, FP64>;
def DXR : BinaryRRE<"dxr", 0xB22D, null_frag, FP128, FP128>;
def DE : BinaryRX <"de", 0x7D, null_frag, FP32, load, 4>;
def DD : BinaryRX <"dd", 0x6D, null_frag, FP64, load, 8>;
// Comparisons
let Defs = [CC] in {
def CER : CompareRR <"cer", 0x39, null_frag, FP32, FP32>;
def CDR : CompareRR <"cdr", 0x29, null_frag, FP64, FP64>;
def CXR : CompareRRE<"cxr", 0xB369, null_frag, FP128, FP128>;
def CE : CompareRX<"ce", 0x79, null_frag, FP32, load, 4>;
def CD : CompareRX<"cd", 0x69, null_frag, FP64, load, 8>;