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//===-- Highlighter.h -------------------------------------------*- C++ -*-===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
#include <utility>
#include <vector>
#include "lldb/Utility/Stream.h"
#include "lldb/lldb-enumerations.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/StringRef.h"
namespace lldb_private {
/// Represents style that the highlighter should apply to the given source code.
/// Stores information about how every kind of token should be annotated.
struct HighlightStyle {
/// A pair of strings that should be placed around a certain token. Usually
/// stores color codes in these strings (the suffix string is often used for
/// resetting the terminal attributes back to normal).
class ColorStyle {
std::string m_prefix;
std::string m_suffix;
ColorStyle() = default;
ColorStyle(llvm::StringRef prefix, llvm::StringRef suffix) {
Set(prefix, suffix);
/// Applies this style to the given value.
/// \param s
/// The stream to which the result should be appended.
/// \param value
/// The value that we should place our strings around.
void Apply(Stream &s, llvm::StringRef value) const;
/// Sets the prefix and suffix strings.
void Set(llvm::StringRef prefix, llvm::StringRef suffix);
/// The style for the token which is below the cursor of the user. Note that
/// this style is overwritten by the SourceManager with the values of
/// stop-show-column-ansi-prefix/stop-show-column-ansi-suffix.
ColorStyle selected;
/// Matches identifiers to variable or functions.
ColorStyle identifier;
/// Matches any string or character literals in the language: "foo" or 'f'
ColorStyle string_literal;
/// Matches scalar value literals like '42' or '0.1'.
ColorStyle scalar_literal;
/// Matches all reserved keywords in the language.
ColorStyle keyword;
/// Matches any comments in the language.
ColorStyle comment;
/// Matches commas: ','
ColorStyle comma;
/// Matches one colon: ':'
ColorStyle colon;
/// Matches any semicolon: ';'
ColorStyle semicolons;
/// Matches operators like '+', '-', '%', '&', '='
ColorStyle operators;
/// Matches '{' or '}'
ColorStyle braces;
/// Matches '[' or ']'
ColorStyle square_brackets;
/// Matches '(' or ')'
ColorStyle parentheses;
// C language specific options
/// Matches directives to a preprocessor (if the language has any).
ColorStyle pp_directive;
/// Returns a HighlightStyle that is based on vim's default highlight style.
static HighlightStyle MakeVimStyle();
/// Annotates source code with color attributes.
class Highlighter {
Highlighter() = default;
virtual ~Highlighter() = default;
Highlighter(const Highlighter &) = delete;
const Highlighter &operator=(const Highlighter &) = delete;
/// Returns a human readable name for the selected highlighter.
virtual llvm::StringRef GetName() const = 0;
/// Highlights the given line
/// \param options
/// The highlight options.
/// \param line
/// The user supplied line that needs to be highlighted.
/// \param cursor_pos
/// The cursor position of the user in this line, starting at 0 (which
/// means the cursor is on the first character in 'line').
/// \param previous_lines
/// Any previous lines the user has written which we should only use
/// for getting the context of the Highlighting right.
/// \param s
/// The stream to which the highlighted version of the user string should
/// be written.
virtual void Highlight(const HighlightStyle &options, llvm::StringRef line,
llvm::Optional<size_t> cursor_pos,
llvm::StringRef previous_lines, Stream &s) const = 0;
/// Utility method for calling Highlight without a stream.
std::string Highlight(const HighlightStyle &options, llvm::StringRef line,
llvm::Optional<size_t> cursor_pos,
llvm::StringRef previous_lines = "") const;
/// A default highlighter that only highlights the user cursor, but doesn't
/// do any other highlighting.
class DefaultHighlighter : public Highlighter {
llvm::StringRef GetName() const override { return "none"; }
void Highlight(const HighlightStyle &options, llvm::StringRef line,
llvm::Optional<size_t> cursor_pos,
llvm::StringRef previous_lines, Stream &s) const override;
/// Manages the available highlighters.
class HighlighterManager {
DefaultHighlighter m_default;
/// Queries all known highlighter for one that can highlight some source code.
/// \param language_type
/// The language type that the caller thinks the source code was given in.
/// \param path
/// The path to the file the source code is from. Used as a fallback when
/// the user can't provide a language.
/// \return
/// The highlighter that wants to highlight the source code. Could be an
/// empty highlighter that does nothing.
const Highlighter &getHighlighterFor(lldb::LanguageType language_type,
llvm::StringRef path) const;
const Highlighter &getDefaultHighlighter() const { return m_default; }
} // namespace lldb_private