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""" Does a step-over then prints the local variables or only the ones passed in """
import lldb
class StepAndPrint:
def __init__(self, debugger, unused):
def __call__(self, debugger, command, exe_ctx, result):
# Set the command to synchronous so the step will complete
# before we try to run the frame variable.
old_async = debugger.GetAsync()
debugger.HandleCommand("thread step-over")
print("---------- Values: -------------------\n")
debugger.HandleCommand("frame variable %s"%(command))
def get_short_help(self):
return "Does a step-over then runs frame variable passing the command args to it\n"
def __lldb_init_module(debugger, unused):
debugger.HandleCommand("command script add -c step_and_print.StepAndPrint sap")