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import lldb
def disassemble(debugger, command, result, dict):
if lldb.frame.function:
instructions = lldb.frame.function.instructions
start_addr = lldb.frame.function.addr.load_addr
name =
elif lldb.frame.symbol:
instructions = lldb.frame.symbol.instructions
start_addr = lldb.frame.symbol.addr.load_addr
name =
for inst in instructions:
inst_addr = inst.addr.load_addr
inst_offset = inst_addr - start_addr
comment = inst.comment
if comment:
print("<%s + %-4u> 0x%x %8s %s ; %s" % (name, inst_offset, inst_addr, inst.mnemonic, inst.operands, comment))
print("<%s + %-4u> 0x%x %8s %s" % (name, inst_offset, inst_addr, inst.mnemonic, inst.operands))
# Install the command when the module gets imported
'command script add -f gdb_disassemble.disassemble gdb-disassemble')
print('Installed "gdb-disassemble" command for disassembly')