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//===- BlockAndValueMapping.h -----------------------------------*- C++ -*-===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
// This file defines a utility class for maintaining a mapping for multiple
// value types.
#include "mlir/IR/Block.h"
namespace mlir {
// This is a utility class for mapping one set of values to another. New
// mappings can be inserted via 'map'. Existing mappings can be
// found via the 'lookup*' functions. There are two variants that differ only in
// return value when an existing is not found for the provided key.
// 'lookupOrNull' returns nullptr where as 'lookupOrDefault' will return the
// lookup key.
class BlockAndValueMapping {
/// Inserts a new mapping for 'from' to 'to'. If there is an existing mapping,
/// it is overwritten.
void map(Block *from, Block *to) { blockMap[from] = to; }
void map(Value from, Value to) { valueMap[from] = to; }
template <
typename S, typename T,
std::enable_if_t<!std::is_assignable<Value, S>::value &&
!std::is_assignable<Block *, S>::value> * = nullptr>
void map(S &&from, T &&to) {
for (auto pair : llvm::zip(from, to))
map(std::get<0>(pair), std::get<1>(pair));
/// Erases a mapping for 'from'.
void erase(Block *from) { blockMap.erase(from); }
void erase(Value from) { valueMap.erase(from); }
/// Checks to see if a mapping for 'from' exists.
bool contains(Block *from) const { return blockMap.count(from); }
bool contains(Value from) const { return valueMap.count(from); }
/// Lookup a mapped value within the map. If a mapping for the provided value
/// does not exist then return nullptr.
Block *lookupOrNull(Block *from) const {
return lookupOrValue(from, (Block *)nullptr);
Value lookupOrNull(Value from) const { return lookupOrValue(from, Value()); }
/// Lookup a mapped value within the map. If a mapping for the provided value
/// does not exist then return the provided value.
Block *lookupOrDefault(Block *from) const {
return lookupOrValue(from, from);
Value lookupOrDefault(Value from) const { return lookupOrValue(from, from); }
/// Lookup a mapped value within the map. This asserts the provided value
/// exists within the map.
template <typename T> T lookup(T from) const {
auto result = lookupOrNull(from);
assert(result && "expected 'from' to be contained within the map");
return result;
/// Clears all mappings held by the mapper.
void clear() { valueMap.clear(); }
/// Return the held value mapping.
const DenseMap<Value, Value> &getValueMap() const { return valueMap; }
/// Return the held block mapping.
const DenseMap<Block *, Block *> &getBlockMap() const { return blockMap; }
/// Utility lookupOrValue that looks up an existing key or returns the
/// provided value.
Block *lookupOrValue(Block *from, Block *value) const {
auto it = blockMap.find(from);
return it != blockMap.end() ? it->second : value;
Value lookupOrValue(Value from, Value value) const {
auto it = valueMap.find(from);
return it != valueMap.end() ? it->second : value;
DenseMap<Value, Value> valueMap;
DenseMap<Block *, Block *> blockMap;
} // end namespace mlir