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// REQUIRES: arm
// RUN: llvm-mc --triple=armv7a-none-eabi --arm-add-build-attributes -filetype=obj -o %t.o %s
// RUN: not ld.lld %t.o -o /dev/null 2>&1 | FileCheck %s
.section .os0, "ax", %progbits
.balign 1024
bx lr
/// Check that we error when the immediate for the add or sub is not encodeable
.section .os1, "ax", %progbits
.balign 1024
.global _start
.type _start, %function
// CHECK: {{.*}}.s.tmp.o:(.os1+0x0): unencodeable immediate 1031 for relocation R_ARM_ALU_PC_G0
/// adr r0, low
.inst 0xe24f0008
.reloc 0, R_ARM_ALU_PC_G0, low
// CHECK: {{.*}}.s.tmp.o:(.os1+0x4): unencodeable immediate 1013 for relocation R_ARM_ALU_PC_G0
/// adr r1, unaligned
.inst 0xe24f1008
.reloc 4, R_ARM_ALU_PC_G0, unaligned
.balign 512
/// ldrd r0, r1, _start
// CHECK: {{.*}}.s.tmp.o:(.os1+0x200): relocation R_ARM_LDRS_PC_G0 out of range: 512 is not in [0, 255]; references _start
.reloc ., R_ARM_LDRS_PC_G0, _start
.inst 0xe14f00d0
.section .os2, "ax", %progbits
.balign 1024
bx lr