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LLDB (Terminal) User Interface
This directory contains the curses user interface for LLDB. To use it, ensure Python can find your lldb module. You may have to modify PYTHONPATH for that purpose:
$ export PYTHONPATH=/path/to/lldb/module
Then, run the To load a core file:
$ ./ --core core
To create a target from an executable:
$ ./ /bin/echo "hello world"
To attach to a running process:
$ ./ --attach <pid>
Known Issues
1. Resizing the terminal will most likely cause lui to crash.
2. Missing paging in command-window
3. Only minimal testing (on Ubuntu Linux x86_64)
Missing Features
- stdin/stdout/stderr windows
- memory window
- backtrace window
- threads window
- tab-completion
- syntax-highlighting (via pygments library)
- (local) variables window
- registers window
- disassembly window
- custom layout