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//===-- BreakpointResolverAddress.h -----------------------------*- C++ -*-===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
#include "lldb/Breakpoint/BreakpointResolver.h"
#include "lldb/Core/ModuleSpec.h"
namespace lldb_private {
/// \class BreakpointResolverAddress BreakpointResolverAddress.h
/// "lldb/Breakpoint/BreakpointResolverAddress.h" This class sets breakpoints
/// on a given Address. This breakpoint only takes once, and then it won't
/// attempt to reset itself.
class BreakpointResolverAddress : public BreakpointResolver {
BreakpointResolverAddress(const lldb::BreakpointSP &bkpt,
const Address &addr);
BreakpointResolverAddress(const lldb::BreakpointSP &bkpt,
const Address &addr,
const FileSpec &module_spec);
~BreakpointResolverAddress() override = default;
static BreakpointResolver *
CreateFromStructuredData(const lldb::BreakpointSP &bkpt,
const StructuredData::Dictionary &options_dict,
Status &error);
StructuredData::ObjectSP SerializeToStructuredData() override;
void ResolveBreakpoint(SearchFilter &filter) override;
void ResolveBreakpointInModules(SearchFilter &filter,
ModuleList &modules) override;
Searcher::CallbackReturn SearchCallback(SearchFilter &filter,
SymbolContext &context,
Address *addr) override;
lldb::SearchDepth GetDepth() override;
void GetDescription(Stream *s) override;
void Dump(Stream *s) const override;
/// Methods for support type inquiry through isa, cast, and dyn_cast:
static inline bool classof(const BreakpointResolverAddress *) { return true; }
static inline bool classof(const BreakpointResolver *V) {
return V->getResolverID() == BreakpointResolver::AddressResolver;
CopyForBreakpoint(lldb::BreakpointSP &breakpoint) override;
Address m_addr; // The address - may be Section Offset or
// may be just an offset
lldb::addr_t m_resolved_addr; // The current value of the resolved load
// address for this breakpoint,
FileSpec m_module_filespec; // If this filespec is Valid, and m_addr is an
// offset, then it will be converted
// to a Section+Offset address in this module, whenever that module gets
// around to being loaded.
BreakpointResolverAddress(const BreakpointResolverAddress &) = delete;
const BreakpointResolverAddress &
operator=(const BreakpointResolverAddress &) = delete;
} // namespace lldb_private