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//===-- BreakpointList.h ----------------------------------------*- C++ -*-===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
#include <list>
#include <mutex>
#include "lldb/Breakpoint/Breakpoint.h"
namespace lldb_private {
/// \class BreakpointList BreakpointList.h "lldb/Breakpoint/BreakpointList.h"
/// This class manages a list of breakpoints.
/// General Outline:
/// Allows adding and removing breakpoints and find by ID and index.
class BreakpointList {
BreakpointList(bool is_internal);
/// Add the breakpoint \a bp_sp to the list.
/// \param[in] bp_sp
/// Shared pointer to the breakpoint that will get added to the list.
/// \result
/// Returns breakpoint id.
lldb::break_id_t Add(lldb::BreakpointSP &bp_sp, bool notify);
/// Standard "Dump" method. At present it does nothing.
void Dump(Stream *s) const;
/// Returns a shared pointer to the breakpoint with id \a breakID. Const
/// version.
/// \param[in] breakID
/// The breakpoint ID to seek for.
/// \result
/// A shared pointer to the breakpoint. May contain a NULL pointer if the
/// breakpoint doesn't exist.
lldb::BreakpointSP FindBreakpointByID(lldb::break_id_t breakID) const;
/// Returns a shared pointer to the breakpoint with index \a i.
/// \param[in] i
/// The breakpoint index to seek for.
/// \result
/// A shared pointer to the breakpoint. May contain a NULL pointer if the
/// breakpoint doesn't exist.
lldb::BreakpointSP GetBreakpointAtIndex(size_t i) const;
/// Find all the breakpoints with a given name
/// \param[in] name
/// The breakpoint name for which to search.
/// \result
/// error if the input name was not a legal breakpoint name, vector
/// of breakpoints otherwise.
FindBreakpointsByName(const char *name);
/// Returns the number of elements in this breakpoint list.
/// \result
/// The number of elements.
size_t GetSize() const {
std::lock_guard<std::recursive_mutex> guard(m_mutex);
return m_breakpoints.size();
/// Removes the breakpoint given by \b breakID from this list.
/// \param[in] breakID
/// The breakpoint index to remove.
/// \result
/// \b true if the breakpoint \a breakID was in the list.
bool Remove(lldb::break_id_t breakID, bool notify);
/// Removes all invalid breakpoint locations.
/// Removes all breakpoint locations in the list with architectures that
/// aren't compatible with \a arch. Also remove any breakpoint locations
/// with whose locations have address where the section has been deleted
/// (module and object files no longer exist).
/// This is typically used after the process calls exec, or anytime the
/// architecture of the target changes.
/// \param[in] arch
/// If valid, check the module in each breakpoint to make sure
/// they are compatible, otherwise, ignore architecture.
void RemoveInvalidLocations(const ArchSpec &arch);
void SetEnabledAll(bool enabled);
void SetEnabledAllowed(bool enabled);
/// Removes all the breakpoints from this list.
void RemoveAll(bool notify);
/// Removes all the breakpoints from this list - first checking the
/// ePermDelete on the breakpoints. This call should be used unless you are
/// shutting down and need to actually clear them all.
void RemoveAllowed(bool notify);
/// Tell all the breakpoints to update themselves due to a change in the
/// modules in \a module_list. \a added says whether the module was loaded
/// or unloaded.
/// \param[in] module_list
/// The module list that has changed.
/// \param[in] load
/// \b true if the modules are loaded, \b false if unloaded.
/// \param[in] delete_locations
/// If \a load is \b false, then delete breakpoint locations when
/// when updating breakpoints.
void UpdateBreakpoints(ModuleList &module_list, bool load,
bool delete_locations);
void UpdateBreakpointsWhenModuleIsReplaced(lldb::ModuleSP old_module_sp,
lldb::ModuleSP new_module_sp);
void ClearAllBreakpointSites();
/// Sets the passed in Locker to hold the Breakpoint List mutex.
/// \param[in] lock
/// The locker object that is set.
void GetListMutex(std::unique_lock<std::recursive_mutex> &lock);
typedef std::vector<lldb::BreakpointSP> bp_collection;
bp_collection::iterator GetBreakpointIDIterator(lldb::break_id_t breakID);
GetBreakpointIDConstIterator(lldb::break_id_t breakID) const;
std::recursive_mutex &GetMutex() const { return m_mutex; }
mutable std::recursive_mutex m_mutex;
bp_collection m_breakpoints;
lldb::break_id_t m_next_break_id;
bool m_is_internal;
typedef LockingAdaptedIterable<bp_collection, lldb::BreakpointSP,
list_adapter, std::recursive_mutex>
BreakpointIterable Breakpoints() {
return BreakpointIterable(m_breakpoints, GetMutex());
BreakpointList(const BreakpointList &) = delete;
const BreakpointList &operator=(const BreakpointList &) = delete;
} // namespace lldb_private