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; RUN: opt -S -passes=wholeprogramdevirt -whole-program-visibility -pass-remarks=wholeprogramdevirt %s 2>&1 | FileCheck %s
target datalayout = "e-p:64:64"
target triple = "x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu"
; CHECK: remark: <unknown>:0:0: single-impl: devirtualized a call to vf
; CHECK: remark: <unknown>:0:0: devirtualized vf
; CHECK-NOT: devirtualized
@vt1 = constant [1 x i8*] [i8* bitcast (void (i8*)* @vf to i8*)], !type !0
@vt2 = constant [1 x i8*] [i8* bitcast (void (i8*)* @vf to i8*)], !type !0
define void @vf(i8* %this) {
ret void
; CHECK: define void @call
define void @call(i8* %obj) {
%vtableptr = bitcast i8* %obj to [1 x i8*]**
%vtable = load [1 x i8*]*, [1 x i8*]** %vtableptr
%vtablei8 = bitcast [1 x i8*]* %vtable to i8*
%pair = call {i8*, i1} @llvm.type.checked.load(i8* %vtablei8, i32 0, metadata !"typeid")
%fptr = extractvalue {i8*, i1} %pair, 0
%p = extractvalue {i8*, i1} %pair, 1
; CHECK: br i1 true,
br i1 %p, label %cont, label %trap
%fptr_casted = bitcast i8* %fptr to void (i8*)*
; CHECK: call void @vf(
call void %fptr_casted(i8* %obj)
ret void
call void @llvm.trap()
declare {i8*, i1} @llvm.type.checked.load(i8*, i32, metadata)
declare void @llvm.trap()
!0 = !{i32 0, !"typeid"}