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; NOTE: Assertions have been autogenerated by utils/
; RUN: opt < %s -loop-sink -break-crit-edges -branch-prob -S -enable-new-pm=0 | FileCheck %s
; RUN: opt < %s -loop-sink -break-crit-edges -lazy-block-freq -S -enable-new-pm=0 | FileCheck %s
; RUN: opt < %s -loop-sink -break-crit-edges -lazy-branch-prob -S -enable-new-pm=0 | FileCheck %s
; BreakCriticalEdges tries to update LI and DT if they are present. However,
; updating LI actually needs a DT, so we now require DT in
; BranchProbabilityInfo/LazyBlockFrequencyInfo/LazyBranchProbabilityInfo so it
; is indeed available when LI is.
target triple = "x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu"
define void @f1() {
; CHECK-NEXT: entry:
; CHECK-NEXT: br label [[FOR_COND:%.*]]
; CHECK: for.cond:
; CHECK-NEXT: br i1 false, label [[FOR_BODY:%.*]], label [[FOR_COND_FOR_END_CRIT_EDGE:%.*]]
; CHECK: for.cond.for.end_crit_edge:
; CHECK-NEXT: br label [[FOR_END:%.*]]
; CHECK: for.body:
; CHECK-NEXT: br i1 true, label [[FOR_ENDSPLIT:%.*]], label [[FOR_INC:%.*]]
; CHECK-NEXT: br label [[FOR_COND]]
; CHECK: for.endsplit:
; CHECK-NEXT: br label [[FOR_END]]
; CHECK: for.end:
; CHECK-NEXT: ret void
br label %for.cond
for.cond: ; preds =, %entry
br i1 undef, label %for.body, label %for.end
for.body: ; preds = %for.cond
br i1 undef, label %for.end, label ; preds = %for.body
br label %for.cond
for.end: ; preds = %for.body, %for.cond
ret void