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; NOTE: Assertions have been autogenerated by utils/
; RUN: opt < %s -passes=ipsccp -S | FileCheck %s
; This test case used to end up like this:
; While deleting: label %lor.rhs
; Use still stuck around after Def is destroyed: br i1 undef, label %lor.rhs, label %land.end
; opt: ../lib/IR/Value.cpp: llvm::Value::~Value(): Assertion `use_empty() && "Uses remain when a value is destroyed!"' failed.
; due to ConstantFoldTerminator rewriting the switch into
; br i1 undef, label %lor.rhs, label %land.end
; while SCCP implementation relied on the terminator to always be folded into
; an unconditional branch when ConstantFoldTerminator returned true.
define void @f4() {
; CHECK-LABEL: define void @f4(
; CHECK-NEXT: entry:
; CHECK-NEXT: [[CALL:%.*]] = call i16 @f3(i16 undef)
; CHECK-NEXT: ret void
%call = call i16 @f3(i16 undef)
ret void
define internal i16 @f3(i16 %p1) {
; CHECK-LABEL: define internal i16 @f3(
; CHECK-NEXT: entry:
; CHECK-NEXT: br label [[LAND_END:%.*]]
; CHECK: land.end:
; CHECK-NEXT: ret i16 undef
switch i16 %p1, label %land.end [
i16 0, label %land.end
i16 1, label %lor.rhs
br label %land.end
ret i16 0