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//===- AsmWriterInst.h - Classes encapsulating a printable inst -*- C++ -*-===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
// These classes implement a parser for assembly strings. The parser splits
// the string into operands, which can be literal strings (the constant bits of
// the string), actual operands (i.e., operands from the MachineInstr), and
// dynamically-generated text, specified by raw C++ code.
#include <string>
#include <vector>
namespace llvm {
class CodeGenInstruction;
class Record;
struct AsmWriterOperand {
enum OpType {
// Output this text surrounded by quotes to the asm.
// This is the name of a routine to call to print the operand.
// Output this text verbatim to the asm writer. It is code that
// will output some text to the asm.
} OperandType;
/// MiOpNo - For isMachineInstrOperand, this is the operand number of the
/// machine instruction.
unsigned MIOpNo = 0;
/// Str - For isLiteralTextOperand, this IS the literal text. For
/// isMachineInstrOperand, this is the PrinterMethodName for the operand..
/// For isLiteralStatementOperand, this is the code to insert verbatim
/// into the asm writer.
std::string Str;
/// MiModifier - For isMachineInstrOperand, this is the modifier string for
/// an operand, specified with syntax like ${opname:modifier}.
std::string MiModifier;
bool PCRel = false;
// To make VS STL happy
AsmWriterOperand(OpType op = isLiteralTextOperand):OperandType(op) {}
AsmWriterOperand(const std::string &LitStr,
OpType op = isLiteralTextOperand)
: OperandType(op), Str(LitStr) {}
AsmWriterOperand(const std::string &Printer, unsigned _MIOpNo,
const std::string &Modifier,
OpType op = isMachineInstrOperand, bool PCRel = false)
: OperandType(op), MIOpNo(_MIOpNo), Str(Printer), MiModifier(Modifier),
PCRel(PCRel) {}
bool operator!=(const AsmWriterOperand &Other) const {
if (OperandType != Other.OperandType || Str != Other.Str) return true;
if (OperandType == isMachineInstrOperand)
return MIOpNo != Other.MIOpNo || MiModifier != Other.MiModifier ||
PCRel != Other.PCRel;
return false;
bool operator==(const AsmWriterOperand &Other) const {
return !operator!=(Other);
/// getCode - Return the code that prints this operand.
std::string getCode(bool PassSubtarget) const;
class AsmWriterInst {
std::vector<AsmWriterOperand> Operands;
const CodeGenInstruction *CGI;
unsigned CGIIndex;
AsmWriterInst(const CodeGenInstruction &CGI, unsigned CGIIndex,
unsigned Variant);
/// MatchesAllButOneOp - If this instruction is exactly identical to the
/// specified instruction except for one differing operand, return the
/// differing operand number. Otherwise return ~0.
unsigned MatchesAllButOneOp(const AsmWriterInst &Other) const;
void AddLiteralString(const std::string &Str) {
// If the last operand was already a literal text string, append this to
// it, otherwise add a new operand.
if (!Operands.empty() &&
Operands.back().OperandType == AsmWriterOperand::isLiteralTextOperand)