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# This file performs the bridge between the CMake configuration and the Lit
# configuration files by setting up the LitConfig object and various Lit
# substitutions from CMake variables.
# Individual configuration files can take advantage of this bridge by
# loading the file and then setting up the remaining Lit substitutions.
import os, site
site.addsitedir(os.path.join('@LIBCXXABI_LIBCXX_PATH@', 'utils'))
site.addsitedir(os.path.join('@LIBCXXABI_SOURCE_DIR@', 'test'))
import libcxx.test.format
# Basic configuration of the test suite = os.path.basename('@LIBCXXABI_TEST_CONFIG@')
config.test_source_root = os.path.join('@LIBCXXABI_SOURCE_DIR@', 'test')
config.test_format = libcxx.test.format.CxxStandardLibraryTest()
config.recursiveExpansionLimit = 10
config.test_exec_root = '@CMAKE_BINARY_DIR@'
# TODO: This is a non-standard Lit attribute and we should have another way of accessing this.
config.host_triple = '@LLVM_HOST_TRIPLE@'
config.substitutions.append(('%{cxx}', '@CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER@'))
config.substitutions.append(('%{libcxx}', '@LIBCXXABI_LIBCXX_PATH@'))
config.substitutions.append(('%{install}', '@CMAKE_BINARY_DIR@'))