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//===-- report.cpp ----------------------------------------------*- C++ -*-===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
#include "report.h"
#include "atomic_helpers.h"
#include "string_utils.h"
#include <stdarg.h>
namespace scudo {
class ScopedErrorReport {
ScopedErrorReport() : Message() { Message.append("Scudo ERROR: "); }
void append(const char *Format, ...) {
va_list Args;
va_start(Args, Format);
Message.append(Format, Args);
NORETURN ~ScopedErrorReport() {
ScopedString Message;
inline void NORETURN trap() { __builtin_trap(); }
// This could potentially be called recursively if a CHECK fails in the reports.
void NORETURN reportCheckFailed(const char *File, int Line,
const char *Condition, u64 Value1, u64 Value2) {
static atomic_u32 NumberOfCalls;
if (atomic_fetch_add(&NumberOfCalls, 1, memory_order_relaxed) > 2) {
// TODO(kostyak): maybe sleep here?
ScopedErrorReport Report;
Report.append("CHECK failed @ %s:%d %s ((u64)op1=%llu, (u64)op2=%llu)\n",
File, Line, Condition, Value1, Value2);
// Generic string fatal error message.
void NORETURN reportError(const char *Message) {
ScopedErrorReport Report;
Report.append("%s\n", Message);
void NORETURN reportInvalidFlag(const char *FlagType, const char *Value) {
ScopedErrorReport Report;
Report.append("invalid value for %s option: '%s'\n", FlagType, Value);
// The checksum of a chunk header is invalid. This could be caused by an
// {over,under}write of the header, a pointer that is not an actual chunk.
void NORETURN reportHeaderCorruption(void *Ptr) {
ScopedErrorReport Report;
Report.append("corrupted chunk header at address %p\n", Ptr);
// Two threads have attempted to modify a chunk header at the same time. This is
// symptomatic of a race-condition in the application code, or general lack of
// proper locking.
void NORETURN reportHeaderRace(void *Ptr) {
ScopedErrorReport Report;
Report.append("race on chunk header at address %p\n", Ptr);
// The allocator was compiled with parameters that conflict with field size
// requirements.
void NORETURN reportSanityCheckError(const char *Field) {
ScopedErrorReport Report;
Report.append("maximum possible %s doesn't fit in header\n", Field);
// We enforce a maximum alignment, to keep fields smaller and generally prevent
// integer overflows, or unexpected corner cases.
void NORETURN reportAlignmentTooBig(uptr Alignment, uptr MaxAlignment) {
ScopedErrorReport Report;
Report.append("invalid allocation alignment: %zu exceeds maximum supported "
"alignment of %zu\n",
Alignment, MaxAlignment);
// See above, we also enforce a maximum size.
void NORETURN reportAllocationSizeTooBig(uptr UserSize, uptr TotalSize,
uptr MaxSize) {
ScopedErrorReport Report;
Report.append("requested allocation size %zu (%zu after adjustments) exceeds "
"maximum supported size of %zu\n",
UserSize, TotalSize, MaxSize);
void NORETURN reportOutOfMemory(uptr RequestedSize) {
ScopedErrorReport Report;
Report.append("out of memory trying to allocate %zu bytes\n", RequestedSize);
static const char *stringifyAction(AllocatorAction Action) {
switch (Action) {
case AllocatorAction::Recycling:
return "recycling";
case AllocatorAction::Deallocating:
return "deallocating";
case AllocatorAction::Reallocating:
return "reallocating";
case AllocatorAction::Sizing:
return "sizing";
return "<invalid action>";
// The chunk is not in a state congruent with the operation we want to perform.
// This is usually the case with a double-free, a realloc of a freed pointer.
void NORETURN reportInvalidChunkState(AllocatorAction Action, void *Ptr) {
ScopedErrorReport Report;
Report.append("invalid chunk state when %s address %p\n",
stringifyAction(Action), Ptr);
void NORETURN reportMisalignedPointer(AllocatorAction Action, void *Ptr) {
ScopedErrorReport Report;
Report.append("misaligned pointer when %s address %p\n",
stringifyAction(Action), Ptr);
// The deallocation function used is at odds with the one used to allocate the
// chunk (eg: new[]/delete or malloc/delete, and so on).
void NORETURN reportDeallocTypeMismatch(AllocatorAction Action, void *Ptr,
u8 TypeA, u8 TypeB) {
ScopedErrorReport Report;
Report.append("allocation type mismatch when %s address %p (%d vs %d)\n",
stringifyAction(Action), Ptr, TypeA, TypeB);
// The size specified to the delete operator does not match the one that was
// passed to new when allocating the chunk.
void NORETURN reportDeleteSizeMismatch(void *Ptr, uptr Size,
uptr ExpectedSize) {
ScopedErrorReport Report;
"invalid sized delete when deallocating address %p (%zu vs %zu)\n", Ptr,
Size, ExpectedSize);
void NORETURN reportAlignmentNotPowerOfTwo(uptr Alignment) {
ScopedErrorReport Report;
"invalid allocation alignment: %zu, alignment must be a power of two\n",
void NORETURN reportCallocOverflow(uptr Count, uptr Size) {
ScopedErrorReport Report;
Report.append("calloc parameters overflow: count * size (%zu * %zu) cannot "
"be represented with type size_t\n",
Count, Size);
void NORETURN reportInvalidPosixMemalignAlignment(uptr Alignment) {
ScopedErrorReport Report;
"invalid alignment requested in posix_memalign: %zu, alignment must be a "
"power of two and a multiple of sizeof(void *) == %zu\n",
Alignment, sizeof(void *));
void NORETURN reportPvallocOverflow(uptr Size) {
ScopedErrorReport Report;
Report.append("pvalloc parameters overflow: size %zu rounded up to system "
"page size %zu cannot be represented in type size_t\n",
Size, getPageSizeCached());
void NORETURN reportInvalidAlignedAllocAlignment(uptr Alignment, uptr Size) {
ScopedErrorReport Report;
Report.append("invalid alignment requested in aligned_alloc: %zu, alignment "
"must be a power of two and the requested size %zu must be a "
"multiple of alignment\n",
Alignment, Size);
} // namespace scudo