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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -Wpedantic-macros %s -fsyntax-only -verify
// This test verifies that the -Wpedantic-macros warnings don't fire in the
// annotation pragmas themselves. This ensures you can annotate macros with
// more than one of the pragmas without spewing warnings all over the code.
#include "Inputs/pedantic-macro-interplay.h"
#define UNSAFE_MACRO_2 1
#pragma clang deprecated(UNSAFE_MACRO_2, "Don't use this!")
// not-expected-warning@+1{{macro 'UNSAFE_MACRO_2' has been marked as deprecated: Don't use this!}}
#pragma clang restrict_expansion(UNSAFE_MACRO_2, "Don't use this!")
#define Foo 1
#pragma clang final(Foo)
// expected-note@+2{{macro marked 'deprecated' here}}
// expected-note@+1{{macro marked 'deprecated' here}}
#pragma clang deprecated(Foo)
// expected-note@+1{{macro marked 'restrict_expansion' here}}
#pragma clang restrict_expansion(Foo)
// Test that unsafe_header and deprecated markings stick around after the undef
#include "Inputs/final-macro.h"
// expected-warning@+1{{macro 'Foo' has been marked as deprecated}}
const int X = Foo;