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// REQUIRES: x86-registered-target
// REQUIRES: nvptx-registered-target
// RUN: %clang -std=c++11 -fsyntax-only -target x86_64-linux -nocudainc -nocudalib --cuda-gpu-arch=sm_86 --cuda-device-only -S %s
// RUN: %clang -std=c++11 -fsyntax-only -target x86_64-linux -nocudainc -nocudalib --cuda-gpu-arch=sm_86 --cuda-host-only -S %s
// Define bare minimum required for parsing the header file.
#include "Inputs/include/cuda.h"
// The header file is expected to compile w/o errors. This ensures that texture
// ID hash has no collisions for known texture operations, otherwise the
// compilation would fail with an attempt to redefine a type.
#include <__clang_cuda_texture_intrinsics.h>