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// REQUIRES: amdgpu-registered-target
// RUN: %clang_cc1 -triple amdgcn-amd-amdhsa -x hip -fcuda-is-device \
// RUN: -verify -emit-llvm-only %s
#define __device__ __attribute__((device))
extern "C" __device__ int printf(const char *format, ...);
// Check that we don't crash when asked to printf a non-scalar arg.
struct Struct {
int x;
int y;
__device__ void PrintfNonScalar(const char *fmt) {
printf(fmt, 1);
// Ignore the warning about the %d not matching the struct argument
// expected-warning@+2 {{}}
// expected-error@+1 {{cannot compile this non-scalar arg to printf}}
printf("%d", Struct());