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//===-- Transforms.h - Transformations to ARC mode --------------*- C++ -*-===//
// Part of the LLVM Project, under the Apache License v2.0 with LLVM Exceptions.
// See for license information.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 WITH LLVM-exception
#include "clang/AST/ParentMap.h"
#include "clang/AST/RecursiveASTVisitor.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/DenseSet.h"
#include "llvm/Support/SaveAndRestore.h"
namespace clang {
class Decl;
class Stmt;
class BlockDecl;
class ObjCMethodDecl;
class FunctionDecl;
namespace arcmt {
class MigrationPass;
namespace trans {
class MigrationContext;
// Transformations.
void rewriteAutoreleasePool(MigrationPass &pass);
void rewriteUnbridgedCasts(MigrationPass &pass);
void makeAssignARCSafe(MigrationPass &pass);
void removeRetainReleaseDeallocFinalize(MigrationPass &pass);
void removeZeroOutPropsInDeallocFinalize(MigrationPass &pass);
void rewriteUnusedInitDelegate(MigrationPass &pass);
void checkAPIUses(MigrationPass &pass);
void removeEmptyStatementsAndDeallocFinalize(MigrationPass &pass);
class BodyContext {
MigrationContext &MigrateCtx;
ParentMap PMap;
Stmt *TopStmt;
BodyContext(MigrationContext &MigrateCtx, Stmt *S)
: MigrateCtx(MigrateCtx), PMap(S), TopStmt(S) {}
MigrationContext &getMigrationContext() { return MigrateCtx; }
ParentMap &getParentMap() { return PMap; }
Stmt *getTopStmt() { return TopStmt; }
class ObjCImplementationContext {
MigrationContext &MigrateCtx;
ObjCImplementationDecl *ImpD;
ObjCImplementationContext(MigrationContext &MigrateCtx,
ObjCImplementationDecl *D)
: MigrateCtx(MigrateCtx), ImpD(D) {}
MigrationContext &getMigrationContext() { return MigrateCtx; }
ObjCImplementationDecl *getImplementationDecl() { return ImpD; }
class ASTTraverser {
virtual ~ASTTraverser();
virtual void traverseTU(MigrationContext &MigrateCtx) { }
virtual void traverseBody(BodyContext &BodyCtx) { }
virtual void traverseObjCImplementation(ObjCImplementationContext &ImplCtx) {}
class MigrationContext {
std::vector<ASTTraverser *> Traversers;
MigrationPass &Pass;
struct GCAttrOccurrence {
enum AttrKind { Weak, Strong } Kind;
SourceLocation Loc;
QualType ModifiedType;
Decl *Dcl;
/// true if the attribute is owned, e.g. it is in a body and not just
/// in an interface.
bool FullyMigratable;
std::vector<GCAttrOccurrence> GCAttrs;
llvm::DenseSet<SourceLocation> AttrSet;
llvm::DenseSet<SourceLocation> RemovedAttrSet;
/// Set of raw '@' locations for 'assign' properties group that contain
/// GC __weak.
llvm::DenseSet<SourceLocation> AtPropsWeak;
explicit MigrationContext(MigrationPass &pass) : Pass(pass) {}
typedef std::vector<ASTTraverser *>::iterator traverser_iterator;
traverser_iterator traversers_begin() { return Traversers.begin(); }
traverser_iterator traversers_end() { return Traversers.end(); }
void addTraverser(ASTTraverser *traverser) {
bool isGCOwnedNonObjC(QualType T);
bool removePropertyAttribute(StringRef fromAttr, SourceLocation atLoc) {
return rewritePropertyAttribute(fromAttr, StringRef(), atLoc);
bool rewritePropertyAttribute(StringRef fromAttr, StringRef toAttr,
SourceLocation atLoc);
bool addPropertyAttribute(StringRef attr, SourceLocation atLoc);
void traverse(TranslationUnitDecl *TU);
void dumpGCAttrs();
class PropertyRewriteTraverser : public ASTTraverser {
void traverseObjCImplementation(ObjCImplementationContext &ImplCtx) override;
class BlockObjCVariableTraverser : public ASTTraverser {
void traverseBody(BodyContext &BodyCtx) override;
class ProtectedScopeTraverser : public ASTTraverser {
void traverseBody(BodyContext &BodyCtx) override;
// GC transformations
class GCAttrsTraverser : public ASTTraverser {
void traverseTU(MigrationContext &MigrateCtx) override;
class GCCollectableCallsTraverser : public ASTTraverser {
void traverseBody(BodyContext &BodyCtx) override;
// Helpers.
/// Determine whether we can add weak to the given type.
bool canApplyWeak(ASTContext &Ctx, QualType type,
bool AllowOnUnknownClass = false);
bool isPlusOneAssign(const BinaryOperator *E);
bool isPlusOne(const Expr *E);
/// 'Loc' is the end of a statement range. This returns the location
/// immediately after the semicolon following the statement.
/// If no semicolon is found or the location is inside a macro, the returned
/// source location will be invalid.
SourceLocation findLocationAfterSemi(SourceLocation loc, ASTContext &Ctx,
bool IsDecl = false);
/// 'Loc' is the end of a statement range. This returns the location
/// of the semicolon following the statement.
/// If no semicolon is found or the location is inside a macro, the returned
/// source location will be invalid.
SourceLocation findSemiAfterLocation(SourceLocation loc, ASTContext &Ctx,
bool IsDecl = false);
bool hasSideEffects(Expr *E, ASTContext &Ctx);
bool isGlobalVar(Expr *E);
/// Returns "nil" or "0" if 'nil' macro is not actually defined.
StringRef getNilString(MigrationPass &Pass);
template <typename BODY_TRANS>
class BodyTransform : public RecursiveASTVisitor<BodyTransform<BODY_TRANS> > {
MigrationPass &Pass;
Decl *ParentD;
typedef RecursiveASTVisitor<BodyTransform<BODY_TRANS> > base;
BodyTransform(MigrationPass &pass) : Pass(pass), ParentD(nullptr) { }
bool TraverseStmt(Stmt *rootS) {
if (rootS)
BODY_TRANS(Pass).transformBody(rootS, ParentD);
return true;
bool TraverseObjCMethodDecl(ObjCMethodDecl *D) {
SaveAndRestore<Decl *> SetParent(ParentD, D);
return base::TraverseObjCMethodDecl(D);
typedef llvm::DenseSet<Expr *> ExprSet;
void clearRefsIn(Stmt *S, ExprSet &refs);
template <typename iterator>
void clearRefsIn(iterator begin, iterator end, ExprSet &refs) {
for (; begin != end; ++begin)
clearRefsIn(*begin, refs);
void collectRefs(ValueDecl *D, Stmt *S, ExprSet &refs);
void collectRemovables(Stmt *S, ExprSet &exprs);
} // end namespace trans
} // end namespace arcmt
} // end namespace clang