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! RUN: %python %S/ %s %flang_fc1
! Test that a procedure is only implicitly resolved as an intrinsic function
! (resp. subroutine) if this is a function (resp. subroutine)
!DEF: /expect_external (Subroutine) Subprogram
subroutine expect_external
!DEF: /acos EXTERNAL (Subroutine) ProcEntity
!DEF: /expect_external/x (Implicit) ObjectEntity REAL(4)
call acos(x)
!DEF: /expect_external/i (Implicit) ObjectEntity INTEGER(4)
!DEF: /system_clock EXTERNAL (Function, Implicit) ProcEntity REAL(4)
!DEF: /expect_external/icount (Implicit) ObjectEntity INTEGER(4)
i = system_clock(icount)
end subroutine
!DEF: /expect_intrinsic (Subroutine) Subprogram
subroutine expect_intrinsic
!DEF: /expect_intrinsic/y (Implicit) ObjectEntity REAL(4)
!DEF: /expect_intrinsic/acos ELEMENTAL, INTRINSIC, PURE (Function) ProcEntity
!DEF: /expect_intrinsic/x (Implicit) ObjectEntity REAL(4)
y = acos(x)
!DEF: /expect_intrinsic/system_clock INTRINSIC (Subroutine) ProcEntity
!DEF: /expect_intrinsic/icount (Implicit) ObjectEntity INTEGER(4)
call system_clock(icount)
end subroutine
! Sanity check that the EXTERNAL attribute is not bypassed by
! implicit intrinsic resolution, even if it otherwise perfectly
! matches an intrinsic call.
!DEF: /expect_external_2 (Subroutine) Subprogram
subroutine expect_external_2
!DEF: /expect_external_2/matmul EXTERNAL (Function, Implicit) ProcEntity INTEGER(4)
external :: matmul
!DEF: /expect_external_2/cpu_time EXTERNAL (Subroutine) ProcEntity
external :: cpu_time
!DEF: /expect_external_2/x ObjectEntity REAL(4)
!DEF: /expect_external_2/y ObjectEntity REAL(4)
!DEF: /expect_external_2/z ObjectEntity REAL(4)
!DEF: /expect_external_2/t ObjectEntity REAL(4)
real x(2,2), y(2), z(2), t
!REF: /expect_external_2/z
!REF: /expect_external_2/matmul
!REF: /expect_external_2/x
!REF: /expect_external_2/y
z = matmul(x, y)
!REF: /expect_external_2/cpu_time
!REF: /expect_external_2/t
call cpu_time(t)
end subroutine