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! RUN: %python %S/ %s %flang_fc1
! Test that intent-stmt and subprogram prefix and suffix are resolved.
!DEF: /m Module
module m
!DEF: /m/f PRIVATE, PURE, RECURSIVE (Function) Subprogram REAL(4)
private :: f
!DEF: /m/s BIND(C), PUBLIC, PURE (Subroutine) Subprogram
!DEF: /m/s/x INTENT(IN) (Implicit) ObjectEntity REAL(4)
!DEF: /m/s/y INTENT(INOUT) (Implicit) ObjectEntity REAL(4)
pure subroutine s (x, y) bind(c)
!REF: /m/s/x
intent(in) :: x
!REF: /m/s/y
intent(inout) :: y
!DEF: /m/s/ss PURE (Subroutine) Subprogram
pure subroutine ss
end subroutine
end subroutine
!REF: /m/f
!DEF: /m/f/x ALLOCATABLE ObjectEntity REAL(4)
recursive pure function f() result(x)
!REF: /m/f/x
real, allocatable :: x
!REF: /m/f/x
x = 1.0
end function
end module