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! RUN: %python %S/ %s %flang_fc1
! Tests for the index-name of a FORALL statement
module m1
integer modVar
end module m1
program indexName
common /iCommonName/ x
type :: typeName
end type
iGlobalVar = 216
subroutine hostAssoc()
integer, dimension(4) :: table
! iGlobalVar is host associated with the global variable
iGlobalVar = 1
FORALL (iGlobalVar=1:4) table(iGlobalVar) = 343
end subroutine hostAssoc
subroutine useAssoc()
use m1
integer, dimension(4) :: tab
! modVar is use associated with the module variable
FORALL (modVar=1:4) tab(modVar) = 343
end subroutine useAssoc
subroutine constructAssoc()
integer, dimension(4) :: table
integer :: localVar
associate (assocVar => localVar)
! assocVar is construct associated with localVar
FORALL (assocVar=1:4) table(assocVar) = 343
end associate
end subroutine constructAssoc
subroutine commonSub()
integer, dimension(4) :: tab
! This reference is OK
FORALL (iCommonName=1:4) tab(iCommonName) = 343
end subroutine commonSub
subroutine mismatch()
integer, dimension(4) :: table
!ERROR: Index name 'typename' conflicts with existing identifier
FORALL (typeName=1:4) table(typeName) = 343
end subroutine mismatch
end program indexName